We Already Know How Hulk Can Defeat Red Hulk In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken an interesting route when it comes to the character of Hulk. Even though the character only had one solo venture there is a lot of interesting development that the character has gone through. There were various rumors regarding a possible movie set entirely on the character but Marvel Studios went through completely different ways to execute that. Recently, we have gotten to see some appearances from the characters based around Hulk in the MCU. Fans are wondering if we will get to see Red Hulk appear in the MCU considering Ross already exists in the franchise. Even if Red Hulk ends up appearing in the MCU, we are very well aware of how Hulk can defeat Red Hulk with ease.


Hulk has had a significant role to play in the MCU as a member of the Avengers in the number of appearances he has made. It is surprising to see how much attention Mark Ruffalo has managed to gather with his take on the character without a single solo movie. There was only one movie where we got to see the character appear when the MCU had just begun with The Incredible Hulk. But that is clearly not talked about much as it isn’t the best that MCU has had to offer. But the movie did give us a lot of interesting characters who have established themselves in the MCU.


William Hurt’s Secretary Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross made his debut in The Incredible Hulk. Ever since then we have had multiple opportunities for the character to appear in the franchise. The last time we saw him was in last year’s Black Widow where he was after Natasha in order to catch her before she got away. This is not the only character who has appeared again in the franchise. Recently, Abomination also appeared in a fun cameo next to Wong in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The character will be seen appearing in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk.


Red Hulk

There are a lot of interesting theories making rounds regarding what we might get to witness in She-Hulk. Over the past few projects, there have been rumors that MCU might be working on the Thunderbolts. Some have even attached Countess Val as the person setting up the team and others have indicated that Ross himself might be working on the team. Whatever ends up happening we can be sure that Red Hulk has to be explored in the franchise as it is expanding over the years. It is important because the character has a major role to play in the arc of Hulk himself.


How Hulk Can Defeat Red Hulk

Even if Ross’s Red Hulk makes it into the movie, we can be sure that our Green Avenger would be able to defeat him quite easily. Ross has certain desperation going for him to take down Hulk and that is also the reason we can see him becoming Red Hulk. Over the years, MCU has hinted that Hurt’s Ross has undergone some rather fatal medical issues. It was revealed in Civil War that the character had a heart attack 5 years back and even had his second triple bypass before the events of Black Widow. The idea that his character is against the Avengers makes him a lot more vulnerable than he could’ve been.


How Hulk can defeat Red Hulk

Making the Red Hulk appear would be interesting considering this would make a justifying addition to the arc of Banner. While most of his fellow Avengers have retired, Banner would get a purpose for sticking around for so long. Since Banner has controlled his Hulk persona, it would be interesting to see how Ross fails to do the same and gets defeated by the Avenger. This would actually stick to the comics where Red Hulk was easily knocked out by Hulk when he would reach higher levels of anger. It would be interesting to see the two face-offs as Ross is the oldest enemy Banner has had in the franchise.


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