5 Questions We Have From What If Episode 7

What If…? is giving us some of the best storylines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The benefit of these plots is that the fans are getting some of the renditions of characters that we might have never gotten from the movies in MCU. Other Disney Plus shows are also taking us deeper into the characters to let us know more about them than what we saw from the movies. The recent episode of What If…? gave us a version of Thor that was something completely unexpected. The entire episode was a fun take on the idea of Thor being a single brother. The episode was able to answer a lot of questions about how things would have taken a different turn but at the same time, it left us with a lot of questions. Let’s take a look at some of the questions we have from What If episode 7.

Why Didn’t Tony Stark Show Up To The Party?

Throughout the episode, we get to witness a lot of different characters from the previous MCU movies who had small and major roles. Most of these characters were introduced to us in the movies where we got to see worlds other than Earth. All these characters only appear at the party which acts like uniting place for these characters. But one character we seriously missed was the King of Parties, Iron Man. Throughout the MCU movies, we got to see him at some of the grandest parties. This makes no sense as Tony Stark doesn’t appear in the episode even though we got to see him quite a lot in the previous episodes.


Who Created Ultron?

At the very end of the episode, we get to realize that all is not merry and childish in this universe as a major villain makes an appearance. Thor witnesses a portal open up and some of the Ultron robots appear. We see Ultron appear with the Infinity Stones on his armor. This leads us to wonder who must have created him. While Tony Stark was absent through the episode there is a possibility he was busy working on something that led to the creation of Ultron. It is only later revealed that Ultron is only the Armor but Vision is the one sporting it. This might just mean that Vision could have killed Tony Stark.


Did Vision Kill Thanos?

Questions We Have From What If Episode 7

Vision appears sporting Ultron’s armor wielding all the Infinity Gems. The last time we saw a major foe appear through a portal with the Infinity Gems was none other than Thanos himself. Thanos does not appear in the episode but considering the persona of the rest of the characters from the other worlds we can only think that he was must be softer too. The last time we got to see him much nicer was in the episode where T’Challa gets into the shoes of Starlord. We find out that he was still keen on gathering the Infinity Gems and go ahead with his plans. Maybe he actually goes through with that and later Vision kills him and retrieves the stones from him.


How Did Vision Acquire The Reality Stone And The Soul Stone?

We see that Vision in the form of Ultron possesses all the Infinity Stones and that only needs to make us question more about how he was able to acquire all of them. Most of these stones might have been easy to acquire considering they did appear once or twice on Earth or in other places in the cosmos. The Reality Stone and the Soul Stone are rather hard to acquire compared to the others.

While the Reality Stone came from the events of Thor: The Dark World which might have never really unfolded and hence Vision might have had to get them from somewhere else entirely. At the same time, the Soul Stone was acquired from Vormir with a sacrifice. Hence it clearly makes us wonder who did Vision end up sacrificing considering that Wanda would not have been in his life at this point in time. Maybe he created Jocasta only to sacrifice her at Vormir!


Is The Collector Dead?

Questions We Have From What If Episode 7

Out of all the characters we get to see in this episode, we did sorely miss a chance to see the Collector make an appearance. He seems like the perfect person for a party like that as it is also an opportunity for him to get some things to add to his collection. This could have also been a perfect chance for Vision to sneak into his collection and get the Reality Stone.

Plus since he always appears in very stylish getups it would have been a rather perfect place to see witness him make an appearance too. Everyone was partying on Earth. He could have joined the fun. And at the same time, Marvel could have united the Grandmaster and the Collector for the first time. Well, maybe they are planning to do that in Thor 4. I guess we’ll see.

So these are the questions we have from What If Episode 7. Hopefully, some of them will be answered in the future.

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