What If Finally Brings Back A Deadly Iron Man Weapon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded to such a point that it baffles us every time a new easter egg surfaces. Ever since the conclusion of the Infinity Saga we were of the view that all of the vents up to this point could never change. We wanted to see a completely new perspective in the multiverse and yet Marvel has shattered our expectations like never before. The new show What If…? he’s given us a completely new look at the things that could exist in the sacred timeline. Case in point, episode 6 brings back a deadly Iron Man Weapon.

Spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen the episode yet. Don’t scroll. Others can continue.

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

The show has been experimenting with things that we could have only dreamt about. Some of these things are completely new while others already existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are now being used in a completely new way. Episode 6 of What If…? brings to us one of the oldest weapons in the MCU? This weapon had been showcased in iron man for the first time but it was never explicitly presented in this form.

The gun that Killmonger comes across in the What If…? Episode is a miniaturized Jericho missile turned into repulsor tech. In all, it is a sonic taser that attacks the nerves. Now there are several things to unpack here in this one short snippet of the scene but if you stick with us we can explain it in detail. So keep on reading to find out how Iron Man tech may have been responsible for the death of Tony Stark and Black Panther.


Deadly Iron Man Weapon

Repulsor tech is the technology that Iron Man uses in most of his suits. He uses them to fly and uses them to attack, and even uses the technology to defend against incoming attacks. The tech is versatile and was supposed to be the cornerstone of the iron man suit but that never came to be in this alternate universe. Moreover, the technology was employed in other forms that we never saw in the sacred timeline because as soon as Tony came out of Afghanistan he discontinued the weapons division of Stark Industries.

A Deadly Iron Man Weapon

The repulsor tech has now been transformed into a small portable gun that is deadly in its approach and seemingly attacks through sonic waves. It is also possible that the gun used by Killmonger to kill Black Panther and Rhodey was just a prototype for the final version. The last theory is even more concerning because this means that all the iron man tech that never came to be was condensed into this tech.

It is truly horrible what happened in the episode and we hope that we never have to see such destruction again but what can we say. It is a What if…? Episode and some destruction are part of the job description of the writer’s room. Now that we have seen what the weapon is capable of we are sure glad that Tony became a good guy in the sacred timeline and not a power-hungry drunk who wished for nothing but destruction.

Consequences of Your Own Actions

Killmonger is a guy with unlimited intelligence and abundant strength. He has done things that no other Supervillain has been able to do throughout the MCU. His tenacity and will to rule are only rivaled only by Obidiah Stane. Fitting that both of these villains end up using the same weapon to meet their goals in the series when going up against their respective heroes. Obidiah pressuring the 10 Rings.

A Deadly Iron Man Weapon

And Killmonger Killing T’Challa in this episode. You don’t get to see such a villain often, especially one that wins so decisively. Killmonger chose a very dark path to take in the events of What If…? Episode 6 but it was a path that invariably brought him sure shot success. He eliminated one of the greatest heroes to grace the multiverse and Black Panther all in one fell swoop. The miniature Jericho was a big part of the plan that enabled Killmonger to achieve this destruction.

But another weapon we want to highlight is the Liberator drones that were used by Killmonger to wreak havoc on the entirety of Wakanda and then sweep in for the save. It is quite extraordinary to see these drones return for the What If…? Episode and they remind us of the Justin Hammer iron man replicants.

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