Doctor Strange 2 Writer Explains Why Doctor Strange Got a Third Eye

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness being out on Disney+, we are getting a lot of new information about the film. Many viewers still don’t have clarity upon why Doctor Strange got a third eye at the very end of the movie. Well, the writer of the film, Michael Waldron has solved half of this query while discussing the final scene with Rolling Stone.

Doctor Strange 2 had a relatively happy ending. So far, all his mischiefs with the laws of nature had minimal consequences. So, this eye actually came as a consequence of what Strange did in Multiverse of Madness. Karl Mordo’s warning had to come good at some point in time. And this eye is the embodiment of exactly what Mordo warned Strange about when he said “The bill comes due.


Waldron explained:

“I felt like we had a happy ending. We were like, like, ‘Gee, you know, for a movie where a lot of bad shit happens, we got kind of a happy ending here.’ We really wrapped it up and that didn’t quite seem right. We kept thinking about what Mordo warned Strange in the first movie: ‘The bill comes due.’ It’s like Wong says, ‘You possessed your own corpse. Like, is this guy ever going to face any consequences? And it just felt like a great nod to horror movies where there’s that final twist.”


In a previous interview with Screen Rant, we got a little more clarity on the Third Eye situation as Waldron said:

“The bill comes due, as Mordo warned in the first movie. He used the Darkhold to possess his own corpse and the Darkhold exacts a heavy toll. I guess the question that our tag is asking is: is Stephen embracing that darkness? What does that mean for him? What path is he going down as he meets Clea and haunts off to the Dark Dimension?”


Why Doctor Strange Got a Third Eye

And when Waldron spoke to Vanity Fair, he compared the ending of this movie to 500 Days of Summer. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was doubly exciting. It’s like, well, what if Strange has embraced this darkness a little bit? He’s figuring out how to live with this. What does that mean for our hero? That’s an interesting question to pose on its own. Now here comes Clea saying, ‘You caused an incursion. You did the thing— perhaps the very thing—you were hoping Wanda wouldn’t do. Now we’ve gotta fix it together.’ So, yeah, it just felt like a nice little tease of adventures to come.”


Now that Strange has this third eye, it will be interesting to see whether he is able to tame the darkness that comes with it. Or will he succumb to it and go rogue just like the other Doctor Stranges of MCU’s Multiverse. What do you guys think will happen in the future? Will the other heroes of Earth-616 have to fight Doctor Strange? Or does he have it all in control?


Let us know what are your thoughts after reading about this down in the comments.

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