Top 10 Episodes of Supernatural TV Series

Supernatural is one series that has been really close to our heart. When we talk to Sam and Dean Winchester or the ‘Winchester Boys’, all kinds of episodes and dear moments come to mind ever since the show first started way back in 2005, quite a long journey I should say. Here we have compiled 10 best Supernatural moments that have really made its mark:

Season 1: Faith


This was one episode that really put some spotlight on the many “Healers” that we see. In its true complexity, we got to see how death can be cheated in the name of religion and faith. The preacher in tent who believed he had god-like powers to heal the sick, however, didn’t know that his powers instead came from Reaper, who took one life in exchange for other in the name of healing.

Season 2: What Is and What Never Should Be


I personally loved this episode as it gave us an insight on what it would be like to live in a perfect world of Winchesters. Well during the episode, I did miss the excitement and adventure of the W boys, but seeing Dean happy in an alternate universe with his family was great. Not that it lasted as the Djinn who had captured Dean and was sucking the life out of him, was beaten by Sam just in time to save Dean.

Season 3: Mystery Spot


Though it was funny, but the Trickster really did a good job in killing Dean repeatedly throughout the episode in different funny ways, while Sam was horrified with the idea of losing his brother and the repetitive Tuesdays that he had to go thru.

Season 4: Yellow Fever


This was the second funniest episode and had me in splits of laughter, seeing Dean the strong brother of the two who could fight against the strongest demons and ghost, shout at the top of his lungs at the mere sight of cat popping out of a locker. This episode was scary, dramatic and funny all at the same time while Dean had the Yellow Fever where he was infected with “ghost sickness.”

Season 4: Monster at the End of This Book


Chuck Shurley, a man who writes the series for Supernatural even before it has happened. In this episode, Sam and Dean confront Chuck and try to find out what happens next, unfortunately, the predictions that Chuck does for the W boys ends completely different than what W boys expected.

Season 5: Changing Channels


As the series goes on, we get that one episode that really makes its mark, and who better than the Trickster (I’m beginning to like the Trickster!). in this episode Sam and Dean are thrown into various TV Genera which includes a silly Japanese Game show which hits Sam right at the wrong place, a ludicrous sitcom where Dean is taken by a seductress and a Dr. Sexy M.D. hospital drama. A mix of all with a lot of fun.

Season 6: The French Mistake


This episode showed what it was like to be the true Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, two actors who were working in a TV series by the name of Supernatural, the world without magic, ghosts and demons. Just two people working in a TV series. Castiel who was a big Tweeter in this episode went on to Tweet that Sam and Dean were horrible actors, while we saw Dean make fun of Sam for his role in the show “Days of Our Lives”. This was one crazy episode and the Supernatural team really pulled it off.

Season 7: Death Doors


Though this episode was all about Bobby, it did give us some insight on Bobby’s past and it pretty much showed us that he was a better father figure to Dean and Sam than John ever was. In this episode Bobby is taken on a trip to his past by his Reaper, where he gets to see his abusive childhood days, a pre-teen Bobby who kills his father to save his mother from the beatings. All in all, it was a good break from all the demonic activities, but yes, I would say, killing Bobby wasn’t the smartest decision by the showrunners – since they did not want to scrap off Bobby’s role from the series.

Season 8: As Time Goes By


An emotional episode for all the fans, where we saw Sam and Deans paternal grandfather Henry Winchester, travel through time to escape Abaddon and also show the W boys their true lineage. Revealing the society of Men of Letters where men and women are Hunters giving the W boys a better insight of where they came from and why their father ran out on them when they were young.

Season 10: Fan Fiction


A tribute to the shows 200th episode, this was a real sweet one I should say. An all musical Supernatural show performed by high school girls. While one of the teachers goes missing, the W boys reach just in time to witness the musical. Ending with a note of Chuck’s reappearance and the clear implication that he was the true God.

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