5 Superheroes Who Were Brutally Killed By Their Allies

Superheroes deaths are never permanent in the comics, but what’s even greater in them being killed by their foes is when they are killed by their own allies. Here are some of the superheroes who were killed by their friends.

Dr. Manhattan kills Rorschach


After finding out the plan of a former ally to bring down Russia to war with the Soviet Union, Rorschach decides to go public about the plan with which Dr. Manhattan strongly disagrees. After accepting his fate Rorschach is killed by Manhattan’s mental powers, leaving nothing but blood where he once stood.

Wolverine kills Jean Grey

In X-Men: Phoenix — Endsong, the Shi’ar fail to terminate the Phoenix Force, which then in order to survive flies to Earth to bond with Jean Grey again. In order to save the world, Jean asks Wolverine to kill her. Wolverine kills Jean Grey repeatedly. the actual number is six times. With every time, the Phoenix reviving her, and getting weaker, until it completely fades away.

Sentry kills Ares

In the 2010 miniseries, Osborn strikes again taking control over the govt. and killing all those who oppose him. One of his allies Sentry is manipulated to take control of Asgard, where he is faced by the Olympian warrior, Ares. Both have a duel and in the end, Sentry rips Ares open leaving all his internal organs everywhere. This was too dark for Marvel’s taste.

Deadpool kills Spider-Man

Deadpool and Spider-Man are quite chummy, and everyone knows this fact, but what people don’t know is that he has killed Spider-Man in well, a very gruesome manner. In the storyline, ‘Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe’ Wade hears a voice in his head convincing him to kill EVERYONE When Deadpool faces Spidey they have quite a duel before the web slinger’s head is ripped wide open and his brains are on a ground when Deadpool puts a bullet straight into his skull.

Wolverine kills the Hulk

The Old Man Logan comics sure are gory as they start with the Hulk’s grandchildren murdering Logan’s entire family. Enraged by this, Logan takes revenge by killing all of Hulk’s family but one, Hulk himself, and when they battle Hulk does something that one expects the least, he swallows wolverine whole, but due to Wolverine’s healing capabilities he heals and tears up Hulk from the inside. This sure was one of the most gruesome deaths in the comics.

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