Olivia Colman Cast As Villain in Upcoming Marvel Project

There’s exciting news regarding the upcoming Secret Invasion series on Disney, so pay attention, Marvel fans. Olivia Colman, the newest villain, has just joined the cast, according to a recent announcement from Marvel Studios. The Academy Award-winning actress will contribute her skills to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Secret Invasion is something you’ve never heard of, you’re missing out. The series will be an exciting ride thanks to Samuel L. Leading the way are Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Some of your favorite MCU actors from previous films, including Maria Hill, Rhodey, and Everett Ross, will appear in the story, which is about a Skrull invasion of Earth. But that’s not all; new heroes and villains will also be introduced in the show. Let’s talk about Olivia Colman’s character while we’re on the subject of villains. Sonya Falsworth, an MI6 agent, is dedicated to defending England’s interests in terms of its national security during the Skrull invasion. However, she is more complex than first appears. It appears that she has a dark side and isn’t afraid to display it.



Sam L. When evaluating Colman’s performance, Jackson used some pretty harsh language. It’s someone you’ve never seen her play before, he said. She simply enjoys being cold-blooded. Wow, that sounds intense. Things start to get a little complicated at this point. Sonya Falsworth is widely believed to be a descendant of James Montgomery Falsworth based on her surname and English ancestry. During World War II, he served with the Howling Commandoes and was a close friend and ally of Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. It is therefore somewhat unexpected that someone with that family background would choose the dark side.


Theoretically, Sonya Falsworth may simply be deeply committed to her nation’s security and ready to go to any lengths to ensure its protection. We’ll have to wait and see, but that might entail stepping over ethical boundaries that heroes like Captain America would never breach. It’s also important to note that Sonya Falsworth might not be a one-and-done villain. We might see more of Olivia Colman in the future as there are rumors that she might play a bigger part in the MCU in the future.


All of this only serves to heighten our anticipation for the June 21 premiere of Secret Invasion. Knowing that Olivia Colman will be bringing her A-game as the newest villain guarantees that the series will be thrilling and full of twists and turns. Marvel fans, get ready; this is going to be amazing.

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