7 TV Cameos That Are Weirdly Awesome

Some TV shows are worked for star cameos, similar to Extras, Life’s Too Short, Entourage, and Glee. Some are sufficiently fortunate to have before-they-were-acclaimed “cameos,” like Casualty, The Bill, and Midsomer Murders. In any case, others, especially cleansers, and long-running sitcoms enjoy the odd VIP visitor, and once in a while, they are exceptionally odd in fact. In this rundown, we commend the incomprehensible consideration of people extremely well known to ghetto it on the little screen like this – and make sure to contribute to your top choices in the remark box beneath.

1) Michael Palin


Episode: 2238 (1997)

The possibility that a show could achieve “Scene 2238” is certainly alarming, yet when the outcome is Michael Palin’s totally outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand trip on Australia’s Summer Bay cleanser musical drama, there’s a promising sign. Down Under as a major aspect of his Full Circle travelog, the pleasantest of Pythons chose to slip on a cutting edge Victorian muscle man bathing suit – word reference corner calls it “a singlet” – and profess to be an exceptionally British surfer who’s terrified of both sharks and jellyfish. Why? Since… in light of the fact that. The subsequent minutes of YouTube gold are very clever, yet not in the way anybody included may have sought after.

2) Britney Spears


Episode: Season 4, Episode 1: “No Place Like Home” (1999)

Sabrina is one of the 1990s’ best witches – simply pushed out by Charmed’sPrue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige – and her fans delighted in four seasons (on ABC) and persevered through three more (on the WB) that they all imagine not to lament. A certain snapshot of amazing came the comfortable end of the ABC sweet spot when an at-the-pinnacle of-her-forces Britney Spears was summoned by Sabrina’s father, Edward Spellman (Doug Sheehan), to sing her third US best ten hit, ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy.’ Similarly irregular however not exactly as agreeable cameos on the show incorporate Usher, who played Sabrina’s “Adoration Doctor,” and Daniel Bedingfield, whose part observed him criticize another character’s terrible acting, however, he himself isn’t precisely, ahem, James Dean.

3) Matt Lucas and David Walliams (as their Little Britain characters Lou and Andy)


Episode: 5234 (2007)

It would be sufficiently irregular if Matt Lucas and David Walliams were cameoing in an Australian cleanser musical show as either themselves or as new characters inside the demonstrate’s universe, however, to show up as meager Britain’s Lou and Andy for no genuine reason at all other than a foundation joke is next-level bonkers. Adding to the preposterously of everything, in the frontal area Nicky Whelan’s Pepper is persevering through an appalling date with a repulsive sexist, which shakes so awfully with the getting-up-from-his-wheelchair eccentricity it’s an ask why Ryan Maloney’s Toadfish Rebecchi didn’t wink and point at the camera before the end of everything.

Somewhere else in Neighbors’ ker-razy cameo drawer: Emma Bunton, in an exceptional London-set scene, and Lily Allen, in a scene that rethinks Karl Kennedy unpleasantness.

4) Stephen Hawking


Episode: “The Hawking Excitation,” Season 5, Episode 21 (2012)

Cosmological physicist Dr. Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA isn’t over a cameo or two – he as of late pushed Brian Cox over amid the Monty Python Live (Mostly) indicates – yet this Big Bang Theory scene nearer is a genuine belter, with the super researcher happily putting Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper in his place (a store on the floor). Making it particularly charming is the way that Hawking was referenced in the principal scene of the show, where Howard (Simon Helberg) and Rajesh (KunalNayyar) nerd out over footage of a youthful Hawking, and the way that Helberg needed to do his Hawking impression in this scene with the genuine one in the room. Additionally, Hawking says “boo.” You may now snicker.

5) Ian McKellen


Episodes: 6028-6032 (2005)

Crowning liturgy Street is no more bizarre to Britain’s awesome and great popping round The Rovers Return for a pack of pork scratchings – as Cliff Richards, Prince Charles, Cheryl Cole and a large portion of Status Quo will bear witness to – however nobody has put resources into the show in an incredible same path as The Artist Occasionally Known As Gandalf The Gray/White Or Magneto. Showing up in five scenes through the span of an especially very much acted week, he played swindler (and women’s man) Mel Hutch right (genuine name: Lionel Hipkiss), a lothario frantic to wipe cash and beverages off anybody close-by. You can read about McKellen’s considerations on his time there on his blog, Ian McKellen Writings: “I started dreams of Mel turning up in the Emmerdale ban once he’s proceeded onward from the Rovers… or even the bar of Queen Vic.”

6) Johnny Depp


Episode: Part 1 of the “Last Ever” show (2000)

As an anglophile and long-lasting Fast Show fan, it more likely than not been murder for Johnny Depp not to cadaver amid his additional uncommon cameo in the last Suits You Tailors draw, with the Brylcreemed faithful comrades machine-gunning him with expressions like, “You probably plied some prize bazookas in your time, sir,” and, “Have you ever added it up, sir?” With such a knowing smile, it’s hard not to see that he’s in on the joke, which is a disgrace, yet you can tell simply need an out-of-body-splendid experience he’s having.

7) Claude Van Damme

7 cameos weirdest tv
Weirdest Cameos

Episode: “The One After The Superbowl: Part 2”, Season 2, Episode 13 (1996)

In a show which has highlighted cameos from Jay Leno (“The One With Mrs. Bing”), Charlton Heston (“The One With Joey’s Dirty Day”), Sarah Ferguson and Richard Branson (“The One With Ross’ Wedding: Part 1”), Ralph Lauren (“The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss”), Donny Osmond (“The One Where The Stripper Cries”), Jeff Goldblum (“The One With The Mugging”), Robin Williams and Billy Crystal (“The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion”), there is one clear, totally unusual victory: Jean-Claude Van Damme. Amid his appearance The Biceps From Belgium is sufficiently lucky to play himself yet at the same time by one means or another doesn’t exactly hit the nail on the head. He additionally shows up in a credits choke including Joey losing a line in a film in the wake of exaggerating excessively. It’s now that satire kicked the bucket from a terrible incongruity overdose.

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