Young Ned Stark Casting Call for Game of Thrones Season 6

Ned Stark is back in season 6 of the show, but the younger version of the character will not be played by Sean Bean. According to recent report of Huffington post, there was a casting call for a young boy with Northern accent and green eyes, it totally fits the description of a young Ned Stark. In the last season, there was a flashback scene of a young Cersei lannister learning about her prophecy of the future.

Fans are now speculating about possible flashback sequences they might see from young Ned’s life which can connect the unsolved plots and unresolved mysteries. We might see interactions of Ned with his elder brother Brandon Stark before he was burnt alive by the Mad King, his arguments with Robert Baratheon, or we may actually see Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark onscreen and find out about Jon Snow’s parents. The strongest possibility is of the Tower of Joy sequence, a tower located at the edge of the Red mountains of Dorne, where Ned Stark along with his six companions went to save Lyanna who was supposedly kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar Targaryn. They fought with three members of the Kings Guard including Arthur Dayne, only two people survived Ned Stark and Howland Reed.

Daily mail recently reported that a 13 year old Sebastian Croft has been cast for the part. But official confirmation is yet to be received. Previously, there was a casting call of a handsome figure who looks heroic and projects himself as a fierce and efficient swordfighter to figure in an epic battle sequence. Everyone seem to believe that it is to cast Arthur Dayne, also show-runners are looking for locations in Spain which could serve as the base for filming Tower of Joy scenes.

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