5 Ice-Cold SuperVillains From Marvel and DC

Supervillains are cold blooded people, some cold blooded murderers, some cold hearted assholes while some are just cold. Yeah, we’re talking about the supervillains that have ‘playing with ice to create menace’ as their forte. Here are the best of the lot. Have a look:


Okay even you knew he was going to be on the top of this list. Ymir is a 1000 ft tall frost giant. He is not your everyday villain. He is literally worshiped as a God by the frost Giants. Not just that, he’s immortal and can regenerate with even a single drop of ice. With his massive club, he sure is a pain in the ass for all the Asgardians.

Killer Frost

Yeah, we all have heard of this name due to her appearing as a regular on CW Flash, but the mantle of Killer Frost has been taken up by more than one. What remains common is her power. She absorbs heat from all and powers herself up, can freeze people just by a touch and can create offensive and defensive tools.

Captain Cold

Again, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold is no surprise to anyone reading this article. This dude is not just famous because of now being on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and CW Flash, but even before that he was pretty famous. Be it his cold gun, his cold attitude or his cool nature, all make him a formindable foe for the speedster, Flash.



Okay so he’s not just a normal ice-cold villain but can also manipulate currents to fuel himself up. How ‘cool’ is that? The mantle of Blizzard has been taken up by 3 people in total and his powers were amplified by Beetle’s upgradations made to his suit.


Yeah, Thor’s dad from the MCU, this frost giant is all the more powerful than he is cold. Not just a menace for the Asgardians this dude can not just use ice to his power but can also perform other tricks such as manipulating weather.

Honorable mentions: Sub Zer, Mr. Freeze, Icicle, Minister Blizzard, the Snowman.

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