5 Marvel Superheroes Who Have The Strongest Healing Power

In the comic book universe, and especially in the Marvel Universe, one of the common superpowers that always save the comic book characters is the healing factor. No matter how intensely they are thumped or knocked down in battles, healing factor keeps them going until they reach a conclusion. Those who possess the healing power knows the meaning of rise from the dead” well. So without any further explanation, we bring your five characters who have most powerful healing powers.

1. Spider-ManSPIDER-MAN 3

The web-slinger is one of the most recognizable characters of the Marvel universe. Peter Parker got his spider powers after he was bitten by a spider, which blessed him with wall-crawling, super-strength, and other spidey senses. Spider-Man can heal himself from minor bruises and cuts in a couple of moments and he can fix his broken bone in days. His healing powers also affects his vision and eyes to a certain degree. Moreover, he can recover the extreme blood loss.

2. X-23

Also known as Laura Kinney, X-23 first appeared in NYX #3 in February 2004. She genetically resembles Wolverine and his healing factor. In order to make of clone of Wolverine, Weapon X project created her. She has not faced the kind of serious damage Wolverine have, although, she can heal herself from the minor cuts instantly and can re-grow limbs.

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