5 Marvel Superheroes Who Have The Strongest Healing Power

3. Hulk


Hulk is the ultimate smasher of the comic book universes and is the only character in the world who turn green instead of red when he gets angry. That’s why he is different. Also known for his mild persona, Bruce Banner, Hulk is blessed with speed and stamina, super strength and super durability. His mutated cells can heal him unbelievably fast.

4. Deadpool


Talking about healing power and there is no Deadpool, that’s a downright disgrace. The Merc With The Mouth knows well how to take his injuries quite well with his humor, no matter how intensely he is beaten. Well, he has the potential to recover from any injury and illness, even his cancer. His incredibly strong healing factor once helped him recover his entire self from his disjointed hand.

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