Logan: 5 Plotlines That Were Never Resolved In The Film

While Logan gave an end to Wolverine’s time as a superhero, it left a lot of unresolved plotlines. Here are the five biggest ones that we still wish would be solved:

The Power of Adamantium Bullets:

In Logan, it was made perfectly clear just how powerful adamantium bullets were to Wolverine. They were deadly to Logan and his kin.A bullet to the brain and it was dunzo for the hero. But that was not always the case in past X-Men movies. The villain Colonel Stryker had shot Logan in the head with adamantium bullets, causing him a loss of memory that afflicted him in the original trilogy. Wouldn’t the same thing happen a second time?

The Westchester Incident:

In logan, Professor Xavier goes through a bit of a mental breakdown for what Logan describes as “The Westchester Incident.”Charles has lost control of his powers, making him suffer powerful seizures that emanate an energy that puts everything around him to suffer as well. This was the cause of the death of The X-Men in Westchester, but the film never goes into specifics about who is killed. Director James Mangold says that it was intentionally done to keep the focus on the characters at hand, but one is still left to wonder who the victims could be.

Who Is Zander Rice’s Father?

Logan’s main villain, Dr. Zander Rice is the man responsible for cloning mutants for the pursuit of science. His determination leaves him blind to empathy for mutant kind and as the head scientist for Weapon X, he performed some inhumane acts on young mutants. Rice also claims that his father Rice Sr. also performed experiments on Wolverine. The name Rice, however, has never come up in prior films or the comics, so the mystery is never really solved.

Wolverine And Logan’s Relationship Was Never Finished:

The first X-Men explored the relationship between Wolverine and a young Rogue. Logan was a father/brother figure for the young mutant.  Days Of Future Past was the last time Wolverine and Rogue had contact, but it was a fleeting one which does not really give any closure to their once close relationship. It’s disappointing to see many of Wolverine’s relationships, especially with Rogue’s not getting the closure it needs.

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Did Days of Future Past Not Happen In Logan’s Timeline?


In Days Of Future Past, Wolverine has a bit of a happy ending after the survival of the apocalypse caused by the Sentinels. He ends up being a history teacher while Jean Grey and Cyclops are brought back to life. Logan seemed to have wiped clean this supposed timeline and all of the closure that each character had experienced. Logan and Professor X both carry a lot of pain in the film that seems opposite to the last time we left them in Days Of Future Past.

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