5 Times F.R.I.E.N.D.S Was Really Bizarre

F.R.I.E.N.D.S was on for 10 years and is still entertaining all of us. It aired 238 episodes ad that’s quite a lot of episodes to be aired by any series. And we should agree that when a series delivers such amazing episodes, there are chances of delivering some absurd episodes as well. I perfectly feel that is pretty okay. We are so devotedly hooked to it that we’re willing to accept the absurd ones as well.

Let’s have a look at 5 times when F.R.I.E.N.D.S was really bizarre.

1. The One Where the Stripper Cries


Well, we rather pity the stripper rather enjoying what he did. More than this it was the revealing of a couple of facts that were disappointing. For instance, Ross and Monica kissed each other accidently, yes, that was absurd. We also got to know that Rachel and Chandler made out once. Come on, that wasn’t required.

2. The One After Rachel and Joey Kiss


This was pretty disappointing too. Was that required? Yes, No, Maybe? People really liked it? Yes, No, Maybe? Did it help the show in any manner? Yes, No, Maybe?

3. The One With the Monkey


We all loved Marcel. But is having a monkey as a pet is common? Don’t know. I mean it doesn’t seem that common.

4. The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad


So, it goes like this, Ross dates his student Elizabeth. That’s okay, that’s how most of the TV shows are turning out to be. Moving on, Rachel dates Elizabeth’s dad. Now, what’s this? She is dating the father of his ex’s girlfriend. What kind of logic is this? You guys could have done a better pairing.

5. The One With the Baby on the Bus


This one was quite unbelievable.  Ross asked Joey and Chandler to ask Ben as Ross had to go to the hospital. They were so busy flirting with girls that they left Ben in a bus. They finally got Ben from human services, but they could barely recognize Ben. Weird.

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