The MCU Does Not Need The Punisher After Ronin and Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown in tremendous ways. No one could have predicted the meteoric rise of this franchise 14 years ago. The first Iron Man film was not even a precursor to the things that were coming our way. This is evidenced by two things, the first being the ridiculous amount of money that Marvel releases are making nowadays and the second being the overtly positive fan reception of the cinematic universe. Even the standalone characters introduced by Marvel TV were a delight to encounter. But not all of them have been brought into the MCU. We think that MCU does not need The Punisher after Ronin and Moon Knight.

But what do we mean by that? Aren’t the characters from the Netflix shows made by Marvel TV already a part of the MCU? Well, yes and No. The situation is a bit complicated. These characters were licensed by Netflix from Marvel Studios to create tie-in shows for the MCU. But they were never really fully integrated into the main universe’s story up until recently. With Netflix canceling the shows and Marvel bringing them to Dinsey+ Kevin Feige seems to be choosing who to introduce and who not to introduce in the main universe.


Daredevil and Kingpin have already made the cut. With the former making a cameo in No Way Home and the latter acting as the main boss of Hawkeye. But the other members of Netflix shows are nowhere to be seen. Vincent D’Onofrio did confirm that his character is the same one that we see in the Netflix shows so it is not a question of parallel universes. But then where have Punisher and the rest of the defenders been.


The Punisher After Ronin

MCU Does Not Need The Punisher

Well, there is a simple answer for that. Marvel has other plans. They have their plate full with other rogue Batman-like brawlers. The studio does not explicitly need The Punisher anymore. Although the character was a fan favorite and Jon Berthnal did an excellent job of portraying Frank Castle, Ronin and Moon Knight have filled the gap that the absence of the character left in the MCU. The Punisher is a brutal redeemer of sorts. His modus operandi is simply too extreme for the family-friendly Disney and their MCU. Ergo even if the studio wants to bring this character into their fold, they would never be able to make him have the same intensity.


This is a concern, both for the studio and for the fans. So it seems that the MCU has decided to go a different route. They started off on this route by introducing Ronin in the main universe. A deranged version of Clint Barton went on a crime annihilation spree after the blip. he effectively wiped organized crime out of existence by systematically killing every and throughout the world. However, we did not get to see any of it. All we saw from his epic purge was a sword fight in the streets of Japan.


And now, Marvel has introduced Moon Knight in their universe. This character is set to premiere in his own Disney+ series. As comic fans already know, this character was supposed to be rip off Batman in the comics, but he has other traits that make him stand out. His disassociative personality disorder makes him dangerous and vulnerable at the same time. His brutal brawls make him an efficient street-level operator. We think that these two characters have filled the role of The Punisher in the MCU.


The Consequences

MCU Does Not Need The Punisher

Bringing Frank Castle back to clean up the streets of New York will only work to hinder the storyline. There is no need for two Alphas strutting around the streets of New York. If Moon Knight is already beating criminals to a pulp then what will Frank Castle do, try to scrape them off the floor? Redundancy is a consideration, and Marvel Studios cannot afford to ignore it. Given this fact, we think that there is no need for The Punisher after Ronin and Moon Knight in the MCU.


But we could be wrong. Let us know what you think about our analysis down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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