5 Most Favorite Super-Cute Couples in Harry Potter Series

J.K. Rowling has introduced some super cute relations that keep a sense of romance on throughout the Harry Potter series. The story includes many love stories and adorable couples. Some love stories ended perfectly, and while other like one of Lily and Severus Snape. Each and every relationship in the franchise adds perfect romance to the story. This article mentions 5 super-cute couples that became favorite of all.

 Ron Weasley And Hermione Granger

Harry Potter

Hermione and Ron both were Harry’s best friends and never let each other down. They both had a very complicated love story. Ron was always in someone’s shadow, but in spite of that, he: sacrificed himself in a chess game, tried to curse Draco for insulting Hermione, fiercely appreciated her intelligence and bravery and always tried to protect her whenever he could.  Hermione too liked Ron though Ron did not like Hermione when they were kids but gradually they both developed feelings for each other when they grew up. They married each other and lived a happy life. This couple was made for each other and took everyone hearts away.

Harry Potter And Ginny Weasley


Ginny Weasley was Ron Weasley’s sister and later became the wife of Harry Potter. Though Harry Potter’s love life was not mentioned much in the series, but there were many incidents that concluded that Harry liked Ginny. In Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Harry Potter Became very upset when Ginny Weasley was with Dean. This made him realize his true feelings for Ginny. Once Ginny relaxed around Harry and he saw her fiery, independent, strong-willed personality, he knew she was the one. They finally kissed each other When they both were in Gryffindor common room. This couple used to romance in secret and were one of the cutest couples.

Arthur And Molly Weasley

They were the most romantic and happy couple in Harry Potter franchise. They had four kids, One daughter, and three sons. They lived peacefully in the countryside in a decent house. They supported each other in every way possible. They took care of their kids in the best way. Their tuning with each other matched perfectly. They were not very well to do but still they knew that money was never the key to happiness, they brought smiles to everyone’s face whenever possible. They were a reflection of an ideal couple.

Bill Weasley And Fleur Delacour

Bill Weasley was the brother of Ron Weasley. They both started dating when they worked in London. Within a year they got engaged, spent summer with Weasley family. The Weasley family was not very fond of her, their perspective changed when she proved her worth when Fenrir Greyback attacked. They got married in the Deathly Hallows part 1. They both were a cute couple how were a perfect match for each other.

James And Lily Potter

James and lily Potter were awesome couples, they were the brightest wizards of their time, their skills and personality complimented each other. They both gave rise to Harry Potter. Lily and James Potter gave their life to protect their only son. In Deathly Hallow Part 2-It All Ends, Severus  Snape memories revealed the love story of this couple. Though James was with Lily, Severus love for Lily never decreased. Severus loved Lily wholeheartedly but she went with James. Their love story was flawed but still adorable, just because of the way they used to love each other and Harry.

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