New No Way Home Magazine Cover Hints At Wanda’s Appearance In The Film

The cover for the December edition of Empire Magazine is out and it features a ton of teases for the upcoming movie. It has also launched several new images and a new No Way Home Magazine Cover. With Marvel and Sony keeping their lips sealed, we do not know much about the movie. Any new leak or update was surrounded by thick fog. That was until Empire released the cover of their December edition.

Marvel is going on with the marketing and promotion of the new Spider-Man movie. And since the release of the first trailer of the movie, the fan theories have been going around like candies on Halloween night. The past couple of months have been all about the potential easter eggs, leaks, and new updates. And with Empire releasing the new covers for their magazines, fans have gone berserk. Here’s a breakdown of all the hints and details hidden in the magazine cover.


New No Way Home Magazine Cover


Rumors of all the three Spider-Men uniting to fight the Sinister Six have been around for the past couple of years. And the movie’s production crew has done their best at denying these claims. However, many actors were fed up with the secrets and revealed details. But the crew didn’t claim anything, officially speaking. Although, Sony recently teased the existence of three Spider-Men in one of their tweets. And not with Empire’s cover, we know one thing for sure, Maguire and Garfield are returning.



Doc Ock and Green Goblin were seen in the first trailer. However, the absence of Sandman raised some questions. The new cover took care of that. The right side of the cover clearly points towards the return of the infamous villain. If Thomas Hayden Church will be returning, that’s a more concerning question now. We can easily notice the metallic tentacles of Doc Ock, the pumpkin bombs of Green Goblin (or Hobgoblin), a small electricity sign pointing towards Electro, and a sand fist, indicating towards Sandman.



The question of the presence of Mysterio in the mix is a confusing one. After he died in the climax of FFH, his inclusion in the Sinister Six was overruled. But, the poster claims something else. The head-globe of Mysterio is pretty hard to miss. So, does it mean that Strange’s botched spell will be bringing Quentin Beck, too? Without his crew, will he be equally threatening or will this one possess the real powers from the comics?



No Way Home Magazine Cover

From the trailer itself, it is pretty obvious that Doctor Stephen Strange will be playing a major role in the movie. The multiverse will become a reality with his spell gone wrong. His appearance in the movie is teased with the background in the poster, the pattern of his astral projections.


And the best for the last! This hint is rather conspicuous. If you observe the pattern in the word Empire, you can see small hexagons. WandaVision gave us a deep connection between Wanda’s reality-altering powers with hexagons. Wanda created a hexagon, of all shapes, to create a reality where she was the master. Plus, the series teased the shape several times in its 9-episode run. Wanda’s appearance has been rumored for a long time now and after this hint, it might be finally confirmed. However, with many characters running wild in the movie, Wanda might only get a cameo or a special appearance in the post-credits scene.


Now, it needs to be mentioned that we should not read much into Wanda’s cameo. The hexagon shapes could easily be the pattern of a spider’s webs. However, with Wanda’s role in Multiverse of Madness, this could be the perfect opportunity to set her up in Doctor Strange 2. We know that she is going to have a twisted role in the movie but after the events of WandaVision, the audience needs to know what lead to this transformation.


Whatever happens, we hope that the MCU keeps us teasing with new and more content. As weird as it may seem, I like these teases. It keeps us on the edge of our chairs. So, here we go waiting for the second trailer to drop in the next week.

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