Matrix 4 Trailer Has Already Revealed How Neo And Trinity Are Resurrected

The Matrix series has seen better days. The original movie was an instant hit but ever since then, the larger audience has not been able to digest the things that the sequel has presented to them. Although the loyal fans have enjoyed the trilogy through and through there is a section of the fandom that does not entirely agree with the kind of narrative the story has taken. The original movie was praised for the kind of philosophical questions it raised but the sequels are chastised for their focus on action rather than character development. Moreover, we have come to a point where the director seems to want to recapture the original’s charm. The Matrix 4 trailer showcases this approach and apparently also answers how Neo and Trinity are resurrected.

The next part is a little tricky, not because of the explanation offered but because of the logistical problems. You see, Neo and Trinity both lost their lives to the machines during the fateful battle in Matrix: Revolutions. This meant that to the audience both of the main characters had perished and could never return. But the new trailer for Matrix 4 reveals that this is not the case as both of them are alive and well. It seems that they are also part of the Matrix now. The computer simulation of our world has also been updated to be more akin to the 21st century. But the question that everyone has on their minds is How Neo and Trinity are Resurrected.


How Neo And Trinity Are Resurrected

The prevailing theory is that the machines somehow managed to save both of them after the events of Matrix: Revolutions. But this theory has one big glaring flaw. The machines would have no incentive to save them and both of them were already presumed to be dead at the end of the movie. The above and belove images show Neo with his burnt eyes being under the influence of the machines. So, probably managed to keep him alive and uploaded his conscience into the 7th iteration of the Matrix. But how did they save Trinity when she had clearly died way before Neo. It would be impossible for anyone to resuscitate these individuals when they have already passed on.


How Neo And Trinity Are Resurrected

The other prevailing theory is that both Neo and Trinity have been cloned by the machines, but again why would the machines chose to do that when two humans can’t benefit them in any way. It seems to us that the answer to these questions is in the trailer itself. Upon close examination of the footage, we saw the following still from the trailer. Take a look:


Looking at the image alone not much is discernable except two human pods that supposedly house two humans like in all of the previous movies. However, when you watch the trailer footage more carefully you can see Neo emerging from one of these pods just like the original movie. It is also seen that Neo munches on a blue pill again and again all throughout the trailer. This is all a reference to how Neo was liberated from The Matrix in the original movie. We were given a rundown of the tropes in the trailer to signify that Neo and Trinity are still plugged in? We do not know how but we can know that it is true. It is entirely possible, after looking at this evidence, that this Neo and Trinity are not the original ones.


The Clone Wars

We believe that the Neo and Trinity featured in the trailer are actually clones of the original one. This is the evidence we have for it. The original pair most likely perished one after the other. Even when Neo reached the citadel of the Machines, they had no reason to save the trinity. When Neo did help the machines take down Agent Smith, or try to, he was defeated by the Virus Smith had become. Smith killed Neo’s mind with his sheer power and ended up destroying the machine’s last hope. But the machines chose to send a purge through Neo’s mind into the Matrix to kill Smith, which worked, surprisingly.


How Neo And Trinity Are Resurrected

But our point is that at none of these junctures did the machines choose to save the pair. They could not be saved as they died in front of us. So it only makes sense that to resurrect them they have to be cloned. Cloning is not a new technology for the machines as it already existed in 1999 and the story takes place several centuries after the said discovery. We believe that the machines wanted to study the pair that saved them, so they cloned them and put them back into the Matrix. What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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