10 Questions From The Matrix 4 Trailer That Need To Be Answered

The Matrix: Resurrections trailer was released just a little while ago and it raised more questions than answering our speculations. So here are 10 questions from The Matrix 4 trailer that need answering. Read on and tell us if you can answer some of them:


The main question that everyone seems to be asking after the trailer is how in the hell are Trinity and Neo alive in this sequel. We saw both of them die in Matrix: Revolutions. Trinity perished because she was impaled by machinery and Neo met his demise at the hands of agent smith, so how are they still alive and well all these years later.


Why is Morpheus Young?

The trailer is so very strange because it tells us less than it reveals. One of the major conundrums is the age of Morpheus. How is he so young, why is he in the Matrix, what is he trying to do? Why must The One rise again after a truce was established with the machines? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

Is NPH just an agent?

Questions From The Matrix 4 Trailer

The trailer opens with Neo talking to his psychiatrist who is played by none other than Neil Patrick Harriss. The character seems to know more than he lets on. He seems to be part of the program in some way, in so much that he is helping Neo cope. As things stand it is very likely that NPH and Jonathan Groff are playing Agents in the new Matrix movie.


Is it A Different Timeline?

The entire tone of the new movie seems very detached from the original trilogy, we cannot tell whether this has to do with the fact that it is set in a different era or whether it is due to other reasons. I mean, with all the changes and the characters coming back to life it seems possible that this movie is either a soft reboot or it is a different timeline from the original one. Maybe we’ll get a new trilogy.


Who is the man in the mirror?

In the trailer, there is a brief moment where everything is modeled after the original blue pill red pill scene. Even the mirror seen in the trailer is reminiscent of this but during this scene, there is something strange in the mirror. There is a split second where Neo’s reflection changes in the mirror. Our question is, who is the man in the reflection and how will he come into play.


Is Sati The New Oracle?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas seems to be playing The Oracle in this version of the Matrix. But our question is whether this character is an older Sati from the house of Oracle in the original trilogy. It seems that the director wants to maintain continuity so this is more than likely. But we will only find out when the movie comes out.

Are the machines relevant?

The Matrix trilogy ended with the defeat of agent smith which led to a truce between the humans and the machines. This meant that the machines were no longer the enemy and the humans were no longer fighting for survival. So it makes us wonder what is happening in Matrix 4 and how will machines come into play.


Who is Jessica Henwick’s Character?

Questions From The Matrix 4 Trailer

We saw Jessica Henwick rip it up in the trailer but we are unsure as to which character she is playing. We presume that the character being played by Henwick is the next One after Neo. Although we cannot be sure about this, well I guess we will have to find out when the movie comes out.

Who is in charge?

Since humans and machines are at peace now, we wonder who is controlling the matrix now. The machines won’t do it since it violates their deal with the Neo and the humans cannot do it because they don’t have the power. Makes us think that maybe Neo is the new man in charge.


Is Merovingian still alive?

There is a short scene in the movie where we see a man playing with his ring. This is reminiscent of a man that we know from previous matrix movies. It looks like the ring that Merovingian wears and it is important that the new movie have an information broker. It makes sense that Merovingian will be a part of the new movie as he will help create tension in the storyline.

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