Peter Dinklage Will Reportedly Return as Eitri in Thor 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe culminated into Infinity War, as more than a decade of movie-making was subsumed into a grand story centered around a villain. Thanos ruthlessly and systematically disassembled Earth’s mightiest heroes and decimated half of the entire population of the universe. The Mad Titan also razed a lot of civilizations in his process of the acquisition of the stones. The dwarves of Nidavellir we’re also the victim of this rampage. But by their contribution, Thor was able to oppose Thanos in the end. Now, there is a possibility that we might see Eitri in Thor 4.

We all thought that Eitri forging the Stormbreaker would be the last we would be of him but Comic Circus noticed something interesting. You see, there is a new listing on Thor 4’s IMDB page. It is the addition of Peter Dinklage’s hairstylist to the crew of the movie. This implies that the chart tee of Eitri might be coming back to the movie. But why is the leader of the dwarves being added to the cast of the movie? Well, we have an idea, so stick with us if you want an answer to these burning questions.


Eitri In Thor 4

Peter Dinklage Return as Eitri in Thor 4

Since we already know that the Hammer of Thor will not be forged by Eitri in Thor 4 it begs the question of what role will the dwarf play in the film. It is well known among comic fans that this is the dwarf who forged the Mjolnir in the comics and it was expected that he would do the same for Jane Foster in Thor: Love And Thunder. But with the current leaks and rumors, it seems that the Mjolnir will form from its shards all on its own. So what is the purpose of Eitri in the movie?


Well, we think he will take more of an advisory in the movie. Since both Thor and Jane may not have an idea of what the reforming of Mjolnir is supposed to signify, it makes sense that they would seek the advice of the dwarf that created the hammer. This weapon seems to have a mind of its own and we would be glad to see it return in Thor 4. Let us know how you feel about it down in the comments below.


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