Why Kate Bishop Must Have Survived The Snap of Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is setting up a whole new set of characters following the end of the Infinity Saga. There are various new characters in the MCU who might end up forming the whole new Avengers when they come together for a new enemy. While they are being established, we are also getting hints of a world that has experienced the “blip” and how it has impacted everyone. Fans are pondering about how the events around the end of Infinity Saga might have impacted all these characters. There is a lot yet to be revealed about Kate Bishop yet. But we can certainly say that Kate Bishop must have survived the snap of Thanos

The Blip

One of the biggest impacts the Infinity Saga had on the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be the ‘blip’ and has been clear that the entire world is trying to recover from this. Marvel hasn’t actually given much indication about how it might have impacted the new characters MCU has been introducing. Thanos’ snap’s effects were first shown in Spider-Man: Far From Home as many people were displaced from their homes. Fans were excited to see how it would work out in Hawkeye considering the titular character suffered a massive loss with his family getting exterminated due to Thanos’s snap.


There was a lot of indication towards the trauma that Clint Barton still goes through as he is trying to live a normal life following the events of the Infinity Saga. A particular scene saw “Thanos Was Right” written in a washroom and various other places in the entire series. Even Rogers: The Musical reminded Barton of his close friend Natasha and gave him a massive amount of survivor’s guilt. We even see moments where he doesn’t like being celebrated for being the Avengers and having been a part of the majority of events.


Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop Must Have Survived The Snap

Kate Bishop is introduced to us right during the events of The Avengers and here we see her getting saved by Hawkeye. This puts a massive impact on the character and thus she tries to follow in his footsteps and become a master archer. When she comes across Hawkeye she tries to prove her worth to him by showcasing her skills every time she gets a chance. She might end up being one of the major replacements to the Avengers lineup along with various of the other characters being introduced by the MCU.


Did Kate Bishop Get Affected By Thanos’ Snap?

There is no clear indication of what might have happened to Kate Bishop during the events of the Infinity Saga in the first two episodes of Hawkeye. The character does set up a series of events that can give us an idea of what her age might be and thus let us know that she was not snapped during Infinity War. Kate states that her age is 22 and it means that she was actually amongst the survivors during the blip. She was first shown in 2012 during the Avengers’ New York battle and then we next see her in the timeline of Hawkeye which is set on Christmas 2024.


This would mean that she was 10 years old when the Chitauri army had invaded New York and she was saved by Hawkeye. Kate’s appearance during the scene fits the narrative and it clearly tells us that it fits the age. Hence, this would mean that she would be 16 years old when Thanos’ snap happened. If she was a victim of the snap then she would be around 17 years old during the events of Hawkeye.


Kate Bishop Must Have Survived The Snap

Clint did guess her to be around 18 years old which puts her near the age that we calculated but then she states otherwise. There is a chance that she might have suffered and is lying but that would make no sense and would be rather unreasonable. Hailee Steinfeld herself is 24 years old. So I guess 22 is a fitting age for her character, and she certainly survived the snap.

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