MCU Writers Tease How Starfox and Thanos are Different From Other Eternals

The writing duo of Eternals has been quite open about the narrative of the movie and gives us details regarding how the movie might work into the MCU. This has been quite essential considering Eternals just introduced us to a whole world of characters and a universe of possibilities. There are things that fans are wondering about some theories that the narrative has generated. While the post-credits scene is amongst the most talked about things in the movie it has also given way to a major plot hole in the movie. Introducing Eros has made us wonder how Thanos will be linked to the narrative and how it changes the way we perceived the Mad Titan. The writers of Eternals have given a tease on how Starfox and Thanos’ relationship might work out in the MCU. They’ve also teased how Starfox and Thanos are different from other Eternals. 


Eternals introduced us to the titular beings who are important characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and according to the story they have been present for a long time before the heroes we have seen so far. They are tasked to protect humanity by the Celestials and they had continued to do so while at the same time guiding them through time. But the movie takes some creative liberty to some concepts while adapting them from the comics.


One of these theories is surrounding the creation of the Eternals. The comics indicate that these godlike beings are organic beings who are created based on the idea of a much-advanced form of humans. This is not referenced at all in the movie and instead, we are told a completely different version of this story. The Celestial Arishem tells us in the movie that the Eternals aren’t organic beings and instead completely synthetic robotic beings.


Is Thanos Also A Synthetic Being?

How Starfox and Thanos are Different

The post-credits scene of the movie introduces us to Eros as played by Harry Styles along with Pip the Troll. This was rather exciting but at the same time, it brings a whole new twist in the MCU as the character introduced himself as an Eternal. Fans of the comics are well aware that Eros is actually Thanos’ brother and that means that MCU will actually take up the narrative of Thanos being an Eternal with a deviant gene. But then Thanos cannot be a synthetic being as we have seen him bleed and we also saw his head getting chopped off. This was something that was not seen in Eternals as hardly any of the characters was seen shedding even a drop of blood and at the same time, they simply converted to shells when they died.


Writers – How Starfox and Thanos are Different

In an interview with The DirectEternals screenplay writers Ryan and Kaz Firpo were asked about how can Thanos and Eros be having blood relations considering they are synthetic beings. They responded by saying:

I feel like there’s a couple of answers, neither of which we can confirm or deny. Is Thanos not a synthetic being? How do we know? How do we know Thanos is not an Eternal?


They also indicated some other possibilities like:

I would also say that I think that there’s a version where the Eternals that they send to other planets are synthetic beings, but perhaps there was at one time, a planet where organic Eternals lived. Maybe Eros is one of those…


Another possibility they introduced was:

…[Maybe] the ones that we’re seeing on these other planets, who were sent on these missions, who are essentially put into these loops basically that they keep reliving the same experience over and over, maybe those are synthetic beings that are copies of organic beings somewhere else.


But at the same time, Kaz mentioned how he actually likes the idea of discovering that Thanos was a synthetic being all along:

Two potential doors for you to step through. I like the idea of… what if we learn that Thanos retroactively was actually frikin’ synthetic all along. These seem like a couple great episodes for What If…? .


How Starfox and Thanos are Different

This does give us a lot to explore in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this indicates that Thanos is actually an organic being. There is a chance that we might get to see the organic forms of the other Eternals which could mean that we will end up seeing all of them in the future MCU projects, even those who died in the movie.

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