5 Villains Confirmed To Appear in Loki & 5 Villains We Would Like To See

Loki premiered on June 9 on Disney+. It has received a positive response from all of the MCU fans. There have been many speculations on who could be the villain of the show. MCU fans have already started to put up their theories related to the show. Loki is not set in Asgard. But it revolves around an Asgardian. So, there is a possibility that anyone among the supporting characters could be the villain. Well, there are a few more episodes to go for that revelation. For now, let’s see who are confirmed villains and the ones we would like to see as the villain in the Disney+ show.

5 Villains Confirmed To Appear In Loki

1. Alternate Loki Variant

Since the release of the trailer, there have been many discussions on who would be the villain of the show. A cloaked figure was spotted in the trailer. Now after the release of Episode 1, it is clear that the cloaked figure is the villain. Now there is a possibility that this cloaked figure might be an alternate version of Loki. It is unknown if this version is from the future, past, or some other timeline. But its intentions are bad for sure. A few theories say that the cloaked figure might be Kid Loki or Lady Loki.

2. The Time Keepers

Villains Confirmed To Appear In Loki

A malevolent force is active at the Time Variance Authority. So it is clear that the Time Keepers can be the villain of the show. Time Keepers are eternal beings and they are in full control of the time stream, making every single decision. There has to be some sort of corruption at play. Now Loki has already shown a great distrust of the three Time-Keepers. MCU fans can expect to see the Time-Keepers before the end of the show. It is possible that they can be the ones trying to manipulate the events.

3. Mephisto (The Devil is Real But He Ain’t the villain)

A stained glass window was seen in the first episode of Loki. It seems like the glass was depicting a devil. Just like WandaVision, fans speculated that it can be a religious art that depicts the demon Mephisto. A few also thought that Mephisto might be featured on the show. But director Kate Herron has debunked this. Kate says that this was supposed to be a scene playing on religious imagery to help portray the trickster Loki. The horns of the beast were supposed to emulate the headgear Loki is known to wear.

4. Loki

We have seen different shades of Loki since the beginning of MCU. He was initially portrayed as a villain. But later he was seen helping Thor in certain situations. But the character is completely unpredictable. Now the variant we are getting to see on the Disney+ show is the 2012 variant. This variant unleashed havoc on Earth with the Chitauri army. He has seen his future at the TVA. So there is a possibility that he might change himself to escape his fate. But on the other hand, he might turn evil for some hidden intentions.

5. TVA

Villains Confirmed To Appear In Loki

Along with Loki, even the TVA is playing an important role in the Disney+ series. The TVA will be shown as the villain for the entire series since they have already created problems for Loki. The organization might turn out to be an evil one towards the end of the show. But apart from that, it is impossible that Owen Wilson’s Mobius might be involved in any of this. The alternate Loki will try to prevent every crime at TVA. TVA might or might not work along with Loki. So it is possible that the TVA could be the villain in the Disney+ show.

5 Villains We Hope To See in Loki

1. Enchantress

The Enchantress is rumored to appear at some point of time in an MCU movie or TV show. Now a few reports say that the Enchantress might be seen along with Loki in the Disney+. She might then turn her dangerous charm on to Thor. The character has been a friend as well as to Loki. Now there is a possibility that she might appear as an antagonist in the Disney+ show. She is a very powerful sorcerer and can manipulate events for her benefit and seek a greater position of power in the Multiverse.

2. Maestro

If Loki travels to the past, then he will also travel to the future. In one of the timelines in the comics, Hulk becomes more intelligent and defeats all the Avengers. Now this version of Green Goliath is known as Maestro. It can be a natural path to see Bruce Banner go on how since he has changed into Professor Hulk. It could be the best way to let the comic book story play on the screen without having a much bigger impact on the rest of the MCU.

3. Kang the Conqueror

It has been confirmed that Kang the Conqueror will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. We don’t know much about the MCU version of the character and it is clear that his own story can be easily played in Loki’s plot. The Disney+ series showcases technology from the 31st Century. The 31st Century is Kang’s home time period. A lot of Marvel villains are going to make their debut this year. But there is a possibility that Kang might make a small appearance in Loki.

4. Beyonder

Loki might explore another Multiverse war from the comics that are the Secret Wars. The entity called the Beyonder is the mastermind behind these events. He takes a few of the mightiest warriors from reality and pits them against one another. It is possible that these time streams are being created so that the Beyonder can get hold of alternate versions of Earth’s heroes. It can be a great use of the source material for including the Beyonder. This will put him on the same level as the likes of the Collector, Ego, and the Grandmaster.

5. Ares

Ares might make his MCU debut sometime in the future. But for now, Loki is the best place for Ares to make his entry. According to the comics, Ares is the God of War and the most violent entity from mythology. Now the characters might appear in Loki. Even the trailer hinted towards the appearance of Ares in the show. Loki has been previously shown in the ancient Roman Empire. He was waiting for Pompeii to be doused in ash. Mythology fans know that Greek and Roman Gods are one and the same. This means that time travel shenanigans can reveal Ares as a war-mongering antagonist from the past.

So these are the Villains confirmed to appear in Loki, and the ones we wish to see.

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