Marvel: Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Is More Powerful Than Thanos’s

Marvel Comics Universe is vast and consists of characters far many more than the MCU. The Marvel Comics Universe may not be a direct link to the MCU but does set the parameters and the guidelines as to how the basic narrative should unfold. Marvel Comics Universe has recently revealed the latest copy of the ‘Avengers: Mech Strike #2’ which foresees the arrival of Kang the conqueror along with his annihilation gauntlet. In the Infinity Saga, during the Infinity Wars, several heroes were wiped out of existence and a number of them were brought back with the similar technique with which they had been wiped out of existence. But, with Kang the Conqueror’s Annihilation gauntlet, this task cannot be reversed by a simple snap. In simple terms with the Annihilation gauntlet, there is no reset button.

The ‘Avengers: Mech Strike’ chapter pits the avengers against biomechanoid’s who are giant energy-consuming monsters. The story has been written by Jed Mackay with art being taken care of by Carlos Mongo. The series witnesses the earth’s mightiest face their most challenging task yet. In response to the new threat, Tony Stark has developed and provided each avenger with their own personalized Iron Man suits. The biomechanoid’s have been attacking a lot more frequently than the mechanoids suits of the Avengers are being able to undergo maintenance and repairs. The beings can adapt and acquire new skills during the battle and worse yet, they seem to be part of a much bigger plan being put in motion by Kang the conqueror. And if that wasn’t enough to make things worse, Kang just took out one of the Avengers for good.

Who is Kang?

Nathaniel Richards lived in the year 3000 and seems to be the descendant of the Fantastic family and Doctor Victor Von Doom’s corrupted bloodline. Nathaniel bummed out by the existence of his peaceful reality, recreates Doctor Victor Von Doom’s infamous time machine. He wishes to go back in time and conquer the past as Kang the conqueror. Kang became famous for his blue face mask, futuristic weapons his unfathomable desire to conquer all of the time. Through numerous issues, he has donned multiple mantles and forms including the psychopathic Pharaoh Rama-Tut, the master of Limbo Immortus, and even the heroic young avenger Iron Lad. Kang has caused so many ripples in his own space & time continuum that now exists a council of Kang’s from different timelines and realities. Because when comes to visit one’s timeline, which one never knows when, where, and how. As you can never be certain which identity will he resume and wreak havoc in that particular timeline.

In the most recent issue of the ‘Avengers: Mech Strike #2’ Kang is seen overtaking the Avengers mountain and shows the slightest hesitation while using his Annihilation gauntlet. Kang uses the Annihilation gauntlet on the Black Panther, turning him to dust in an instant. T’Challa does not just wither away from existence, he is vaporized in an instant. This not only highlights the heightened level of threat that the avengers are facing in the issue, but it also displays the stark comparison between Kang’s annihilation gauntlet and Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet. It also puts on display the deep-rooted murderous intent between Kang and Thanos and their reasons behind the genocide.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet to erase half of the universe’s population to ascertain the future survival of the remaining populace. Without stressing out one’s planet’s natural resources in an event which later came to be known as the ‘blip’. But in the Endgame narrative, all the populace including the heroes are brought back into existence with the use of the infinity gauntlet and the infinity stone. To witness the final battle between all the heroes linked to Avengers in a glorious battle between the earth’s mightiest and the mad titan Thanos and his army. However, Kang’s Annihilation gauntlet does not operate on similar lines as the Infinity gauntlet and cannot be used to undo a past action.

Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Powerful
Kang The Conqueror’s Gauntlet Powerful

Kang arrives on the Avengers mountain and obliterates black Panther and takes over the base. Kang however makes a reference claiming that the blast was kind of unintentional and may have to recalibrate the gauntlet, but it gives a heads up on the sheer power of the gauntlet. T’Challa probably had the worst deaths of all the heroes as he does even get to try the customized mech suit that Tony had designed for him. He gets taken out of the war even without partaking in any action post issue #1. Worst of all, this possible death kind of seems irreversible using the same gauntlet.

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