10 Most EPIC Iron Fist Moments In Marvel Comics

You must be well aware of the Superhero we’re talking about here if you’ve seen his Netflix series. In case you haven’t, here’s a brief introduction to him. His real name is Danial Rand or Danny Rand, He lost his parents in a plane crash while the family was traveling to China, Danny was just a child back then. He was later found by warrior Monks from the Capital city of heaven known as K’un-Lun, Trained by them to guard the gates of the city using the power of Chi gained from Shau-Lau the undying(a dragon with a heart of fire). He calls himself The Iron fist


Destroys a Chopper.

This event takes place in the first issue of “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon” when some armed mercenaries attack Danny while he is asleep. They destroy most of the “Rand Tower” but before they can do anything else, Danny wakes up and beats them to a pulp. In doing so he also destroys a chopper which was about to blast his house.

Knocks out Skaar, the son of Hulk.

Skaar is the son of the hulk, who was born on the planet ofnsakaar (weirdly enough both have similar pronounciation) when hulk landed on it because of ‘The Illuminati’. He has spent plenty of time-fighting dinasours (which made him stronger) before being approached by NORMAN OSBORN. Osborn must be really addicted to the avengers which explains why he wanted similar being on his team (eg: skaar, clone thor)

In their battle against the dark avengers, iron fist knocked Skaar out. Although it was later revealed that Skaar was undercover to find Captain America. Maybe he threw away the battle on purpose?

Punches through Black Panther’s Vibranium suit.

In the issues between Black Panther #38-40, Nightshade clones black dragon and together they take control of Danny’s brain. They send him after Black Panther.

These 2 face each other in Black Panther #39, which also happens to be a dialog-less comic issue(just art). In an all-out battle between Black Panther & Brainwashed iron fist, Danny manages to punch through Black Panther’s Vibranium suit and knock him out but before T’challa goes out he also manages to knock iron fist to senses by blasting his mind and disconnecting the controlling signal.

Gives a Knockout blow to Clone Thor.

During the events of civil war, Mr.Fantastic & Ironman with the help of Yellowjacket build a clone of Thor to help them in their fight. It is not after sometime when the clone kills Goliath and breaks his programming.

Later after some years, Osborn recruits him in his Dark Avengers team. In this fight, Wolverine along with spiderman & Luke Cage weaken him enough before Iron Fist takes him out with one punch.

Destroys Bushmaster’s boat.

In “Power man & Ironfist #68”, Bushmaster kidnaps Luke Cage & Ironfist and steals Luke’s powers. He then throws both of them in water(meanwhile bushmaster dies in the experiment) Ironfist swims up the boat and destroys it and makes it sink.

Attempts a Fastball Special through a Ship.

After Osborn is removed as the head of H A M M E R (S.H.E.I.L.D before it). The Avengers who were running before was safe now because they were given access to ‘The Avengers Mansion’ by Captain America. They were then allowed to fight however they wished. These guys were street level fighters, while in a fight against an enemy known as Superia this becomes a concern because Mocking Bird gets seriously injured.

The team in search of revenge get in an eye shattering battle during which Power Man & Ironfist attempt the FastBall Special. This is a famous move of Colossus & Wolverine. In this move, the strong throws the other guy as a projectile to deal heavy damage.

Makes Luke Cage Bleed.

In ‘Thunderbolts #137’ when Osborn tries to replace his thunderbolt program with brainwashed superheroes, he takes his first try on Ironfist (succeeds but fails). The brain washed iron fist punches Luke Cage so hard that his unbreakable skin starts to bleed, w

He also knocks him out but Cage barely escaped with the help of some thunderbolts. Luke Cage later breaks Ironfist from the Brainwash..

Punched Zhu-Kong, the god of Fire.

In the final pages of “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #11” Danny Rand goes for a final showdown against Zhu-Kong the god of fire & Universal order. He first tries to defeat him by turning a building into an extension of himself but fails because of Steel Serpent because he cuts Danny off from the control over the building.

When there is no hope left, The One shows up at 11:59 and releases all the stolen Chi back to Iron Fist. Fist later couples his own chi with the chi of ‘Iron and Stars’ into one Giant punch and throws it at The god of fire. The Punch could be compared to a Mini Super Nova, which defeats Zhu-Kong.

Destroying a Helicarrier.

Following the events of ‘Secret Invasion’  arc The New Avengers stay on the run from Osborn, Luke Cage suffers a heart attack in the battle against Osborn’s army of villains. He’s later captured by Osbern, who offers him immunity for himself, his daughter & his wife. In exchange he wants him to give up the Avengers. While all this goes on, The Avengers sneak in the Helicarrier, free Luke Cage and escape but not before Iron Fist destroys the entire Helicarrier with one punch.

Destroys a Nuclear Train.

iron fist

The reason why the monks of K”un Lun train people to become Iron Fist is to protect the sacred city from evil. As it turns out K’un Lun is just one of the seven sacred cities of heaven, each having their own Immortal weapon like Iron Fist. These cities battle each other in a tournament to determine whose city will appear on earth next since only one city can.

During all this Danny discovers about Hydra’s Plan to control the cities using their leaders. He uncovers this plan and pisses hydra off which decide to destroy K’un Lun instead. They use a nuclear train to do this but the train is ultimately destroyed by the Iron fist with one Punch! This is one of the best feats. Iron Fist has shown in the comics thus making it the no.1 pick.

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