5 Reasons Why Marvel Netflix Shows Like Daredevil Can Never Be MCU Canon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced a lot of content over the years. Usually, they let someone else try their hand at other formats before getting into it themselves. For example, they gave Netflix the right to make shows around some of their characters so that they could see how the audiences responded. One of these characters came out in front as a fan favorite. Of course, we are talking about Daredevil. But for years fans were on the fence about whether the shows were MCU canon or not. Even though Kingpin and Matt Murdock have appeared in the MCU, here are 5 reasons why Netflix shows like Daredevil can never be MCU canon.

Marvel TV Not Marvel Studios

The first reason for the shows not being canon is really simple and makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The shows were produced and marketed by Marvel TV and not Marvel Studios. This means that Kevin Feige did not have creative control over the projects. That is why some of these shows are amazing and have a lot of content to munch on but others are barely holding themselves together. There is also no connection between the show until suddenly the Defenders unite. The premise is a bit shaky and it is unlikely that Feige would not discard them as just clutter.


One Actor Two Roles (Plot Holes)

Daredevil Can Never Be MCU Canon

Another major problem in the continuity is that some actors in the Netflix shows have been recast into other roles in the MCU. For instance, Mahershala Ali played the villain Cottonmouth in Luke Cage but now he has been recast as Blade in the MCU. This is not a plot hole that can be resolved easily. It would be far easier to discard that storyline completely. Next is Alfre Wood, who appears as different characters in Civil War and in Luke Cage. So it would be far easier for Marvel Studios to pick and choose what they want to keep and disregard everything else claiming the Netflix universe to be just one of the infinite possibilities with similar characters.


Free Marketing For Netflix

Also if Marvel Studios is to recognize the Netflix shows as Canon it would end up causing a lot of havoc. Those fans who have skipped the shows would end up having to watch the old content again, which would in turn help in the viewership of Netflix. But now that Marvel has Dinsey+ they would never choose to do free marketing for a rival streaming service. So it is more than likely that they will come up with an explanation for these characters that does not force us to go back and revisit these old shows on Netflix. Who would want to benefit a competitor rather than themselves?


Powered Up Versions

Also, there is something odd about the Netflix characters that have made an appearance in the MCU. One of the major differences between the Kingpin in the Netflix shows and Hawkeye is that he is operating on a different level of strength. The man rips off a car door in the Hawkeye finale. This is a bit much, even for a man who defeated Frank Castle with his bare hands. He was never this overpowered in the Netflix shows, never did he take an explosion to the face and walk off.


Similarly, Matt Murdock must have been pretty famous so it was a bit weird that he did not come out as the Daredevil to help Peter Parker later in the movie. Our best guess is that these characters are variants of the Netflix versions of the characters. This means that they are similar but not the same. They may have been retrofitted to be more suitable for the MCU, which is the convenience one gets with the help of the Multiverse.


No Continuity

Daredevil Can Never Be MCU Canon

Also, the sad thing about the Netflix shows is that their events have no continuity in the canon MCU stuff. Although a lot of crazy shit goes down in these shows, none of it is ever recognized by the MCU movies. It is quite tragic that even something as good as Agents of Shield is never recognized in the movies. Things get quite chaotic in these shows and the stakes are pretty high at the end of some of the seasons. But there is never a whisper of it in the movies. Truly makes us sad, but it is another reason why the MCU won’t suddenly make all of Marvel TV shows canon. Because if they did, they would retcon their own continuity which would be disastrous for a universe this size.

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