5 Times Doctor Strange Proved He’s A Badass Superhero

Doctor Strange is a bizarre buddy. With his magical forces, trippy source story, and mind-twisting inestimable experiences, it’s anything but difficult to feel somewhat scared by the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s freshest shrouded saint. Add to his inborn abnormality the way that he was made around the time that funnies were only a medication fuelled trip through the 60s and you have a thought exactly how peculiar Doctor Strange can be; particularly outside of the theater.

Check out these 5 most wtf things doctor strange has ever done:

1) Became a Werewolf


Once it was discovered that Strange and the werewolf was one and the same (a fact that maybe could have been figured out based on how no one knew where Strange was), it’s revealed that a group of Tibetan monks had developed the werewolf curse. Strange the Werewolf eventually wakes up, smashes all sorts of things, and causes a ton of trouble before he’s eventually able to be restrained and turned back into Doctor Strange. But just because things returned to normal at the end doesn’t mean that this wasn’t one of the funniest, inventive, and weird Doctor Strange issues to ever come along.

2) Became Dr. Strangefate, A Combination of Doctor Strange, Professor X, and DC’s Dr. Fate


After the ultimate crossover of DC and Marvel, Doctor Strange – turned into the most capable element in the whole Marvel DC universe. That is on account of Strange got to be Dr.Strangefate; an aftereffect of his converging with Professor X and DC’s not all that popular Dr. Destiny. With an executioner portmanteau for a name (not by any means), Dr.Strangefate was relentless and in this way understood on the off chance that he needed to remain relentless he would need to keep the two universes consolidated. In any case, Strangefate eventually bombed and the universes wound up isolating, just to leave Doctor Strange back as Doctor Strange and no more extended the absolute most effective element in the universe.

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