10 Extremely Surprising Facts About The Incredible Hulk’s Body

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most well-known superheroes ever. Bruce Banner, in an attempt to recreate the super-soldier serum, was caught in an intense gamma radiation blast and was turned into an enormous green rage monster. While the Hulk has been around in the Marvel Universe for very long, there are still some surprising facts about him people still don’t know. Here’s a list of 10 such facts:

His insides are fireproof

Eric O’Grady was the fourth Ant-Man. In one of the issues of The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Eric and Bruce Banner go toe to toe. Realizing he can never take on the hulk directly, O’Grady decides to kill him from within. After almost breaking his hand trying to punch the Hulk’s stomach, O’Grady decides to incinerate the Hulk’s insides only to find out that the Hulk’s internal organs are completely fireproof.

His body is a Gamma Battery

The Hulk has absorbed such insane levels of radiation that it now is able to generate a ridiculous amount of energy on its own. This was later put to use by Armageddon, the ruler of an alien race called the Troyjans to resurrect his son. When Bruce realizes his plans, instead of fighting his way out, he decides to overload Armageddons’ machine by giving it more energy than it could process.

His mind is an inter-dimensional compass

Many heroes are gifted with incredible tracking skills. But the Hulk takes it to another level. It does not matter if he is in another country, planet, or dimension, he could always hone into the energy signature of the crater where he first became the Hulk. Once he even tracked the Abomination based on pure instinct alone.

He can see Ghosts

Bruce Banner was the subject of constant physical abuse at the hands of his father Brian Banner. Bruce learned to fear Brian, even in death. This subconscious yearning later was amplified to a fully-fledged ability to see ghosts and astral forms when Bruce Banner became the Hulk.

Can regenerate his entire body in seconds

When Vector and the Hulk decide to duke it out, the former managed to flay the skin and muscles of the latter’s body. Even still the Hulk managed to knock Vector out and even re-grow his entire body in seconds. Even an Omega-level mutant-like Elixir’s Death Touch could not stop our not so gentle giant.

His is practically immortal

In Hulk: The End one-shot, the Earth is a nuclear wasteland. The only two organisms that survived the apocalypse are the Hulk and a mutant race of flesh-eating cockroaches who regularly feast on the Hulk’s body. The only reason the Hulk isn’t dead is his incredible ability to consume anything and turn it into a life force. That means the Hulk could actually be immortal.

He doesn’t need to breathe

Since the Hulk is adept at adapting to any and all threats to his life, this one was a given. Bruce Banner, under extreme circumstances, does not need even air for sustenance if he doesn’t want to. The science behind this hasn’t been explained yet. Either his body stores a certain amount of oxygen in case of a situation like this or maybe the Hulk’s body just converts nearby space matter into air somehow.

His blood has healing properties

It won’t turn you immortal and ageless but it can heal grievous wounds like the time it did with Jennifer Walters. When a fatal gunshot wound threatens to kill her, Bruce transfers his own blood into her to save his cousin. She ends up getting healed and more. Jennifer becomes the She-Hulk. The Hulk’s blood is so strong that it even managed to heal an entire planet called Sakaar, turning it from a desolate wasteland into a lush green planet.

He can create natural disasters

He is so strong that merely clapping his hands creates a shockwave so powerful it can knock down a building. By stomping his feet on the ground, he has managed to create record-breaking tremors that rival that of history’s greatest earthquakes. In one issue, Bruce literally huffed and puffed an entire forest away.

 His powers are limitless

The Hulk, as the Beyonder once put it, is Rage personified. Several superheroes have a list of abilities under their belt but none can rival that of the Hulk. If we could list all of Hulk’s abilities in here, we could take the entire page. The only factor that stops the Hulk from going on a universe-cracking rampage is Bruce Banner himself. But in one storyline, Bruce and the Hulk were separated permanently. The Hulk persona, an entity of infinite power, was free to do whatever it wished to. Scary, isn’t it?!?

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