12 Most Powerful DC Gods – Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The DC Universe is vast and Mysterious. It houses both benevolent forces that protect all life and malevolent ones whose sole purpose is to destroy all of creation. Up until now, the DCEU has been kind of enough to shows us some of these forces at work. The Gods of Olympus and Apokolips have all featured in DC movies. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are much more of them. And some of them even have the power to rip the universe apart.

12. M’Nagalah

M’Nagalah is a Lovecraftian entity that is older than life itself. M’Nagalah has achieved sentience but it is more of a purpose that it lives to fulfill. M’Nagalah is the God of Cancer. It can consume (slowly) entire star systems, leaving nothing but carcasses in its wake. But Swamp Thing and the Atom have beaten it several times in the comics.

11. Hercules

Hercules is the Son of Zeus. He embodies power and strength in its highest form in Greek mythology. Hercules has done horrible things in the comic books but he has now managed to somewhat redeem himself. A morally grey character, Hercules may be the Greek God of Strength but he has been bested several times in the comic books.

10. Grail

Grail is the daughter of the God of Evil in the comic books. So she was bound to make it to the list. She is rumored to have access to all of her father’s powers including the Omega Effect. Being raised by an Amazon from birth, Grail is well versed in the art of Combat and has bested the entire Justice League singlehandedly. But her primary weapon is the element of Surprise. Take that away and Grail will most certainly bite the dust.

9. Steppenwolf

There’s a reason that Steppenwolf was chosen as the villain for Justice League. He may look timid and weak but he is one of Apokolips’ deadliest fighters. In the New 52 Relaunch, Steppenwolf of Earth 2 managed to kill Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman by himself and effectively became the ruler of the planet.

8. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is the champion of the Green – an extra-dimensional energy that flows through and controls all plant life on the planet. As a result, Swamp Thing has a plethora of abilities including plant manipulation, super strength and intelligence and clone creation. As long as plant life exists, Swamp Thing is immortal. His only weakness is pollution.

7. Ares

The Greek God of War has been Wonder Woman’s arch-nemesis since time immemorial. Ares is an agent of destruction and feeds off of violence and devastation on Earth. Most of the wars and skirmishes going on in Earth are Ares’ doing. He is an extremely strong sorcerer and warrior. But his arrogance sometimes gets the best of him.

6. Orion

Orion is the Prince of Apokolips and the Son of Darkseid. As a part of a peace treaty, Orion was sent to their sworn enemy New Genesis and trained to control his rage and madness. Orion has managed to do what no God ever could. Orion once killed Darkseid in single combat. But after the New 52 continuity, he has grown weaker.

5. Wonder Woman

In DC Comics, Wonder Woman has assumed the roles of the Goddess of Truth and the Goddess of War at different times. Diana is an Amazon and the daughter of Zeus himself. She is the greatest melee fighter in all of DC Comics. Her power set is impressive but she has been bested by superior brute strength before.

4. Zeus

In Greek Mythology, Zeus is the King of Olympus and the God of Lightning. But in DC lore, Zeus has had a complete makeover. He can create storms, tsunamis, shape-shift into anyone and anything and resurrect the dead. Zeus still has some flaws though. His cocky attitude makes him vulnerable. A smarter foe can best Zeus in Combat.

3. Metron

Metron is the God of Knowledge. And Knowledge is power. Metron’s greatest weapon is the Mobius Chair. It allows him to time travel, become invulnerable and gains infinite amounts of knowledge. Metron is the greatest mind of the DC universe. But he has one fatal flaw – force him out of his chair and he is as strong as a daisy.

2. Darkseid

Darkseid is not called the God of Evil for anything. His frightening stature and scaring reputation precedes his accomplishments. Leading the vast armies of Apokolips, Darkseid has conquered countless worlds and destroyed several others. Darkseid has gone toe to toe with Superman and defeated him single-handedly. It is his Omega Beam that makes him such a dangerous enemy. The super destructive beams from his eyes never miss their target.

 1. The Spectre

The Spectre is the embodiment of God’s Vengeance. He has a fearsome skill set for a superhero. The Spectre used to be a lowly vigilante until a fateful incident turned him into a force of nature. The Spectre can create destroy and erase all of existence if he wishes to. As far as Gods go, no one comes near to this guy who represents God’s holy wrath itself.

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