How The Eternals Will Lead To A Very Cosmic Future of The MCU

Marvel was set to lead us into a very cosmic future from 2020 onwards. All 3 MCU movies of 2019 dealt with the cosmos of MCU, and 2020 would’ve begun with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. That would’ve brought in even more cosmic elements and may have introduced a couple new heroes like Adam Warlock and/or the Silver Surfer. But, James Gunn got fired temporarily and that delayed Vol. 3 by at least 3 years. And now, instead of Vol. 3, we’re getting The Eternals as a movie that will tell us the history of MCU, expand its cosmic side.

The Eternals Thanos

Its level of cosmic expansion may not be the same as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or even Thor: Love and Thunder, but we reckon that it will surely bring at least a couple more planets in play (if not more). We shouldn’t expect it to introduce as many space elements as a James Gunn movie because first of all, James Gunn is a freak (in a good way). He has the capability of stuffing a bazillion Easter Eggs and a million planets in one single movie. So, it’d be wrong of us to expect that. But second and most importantly, the story of Eternals only has about 4-5 major cosmic elements to show us. And all of them will not be dealt with in the first movie itself.

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We know that the first Eternals movie will largely take place on Earth, and it will mostly be about the Earth based Eternals. The synopsis of the movie calls The Eternals as “ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years.” We have already discussed several times that the Eternals don’t just exist on Earth. There are 4 teams of Eternals in total, and 2 of them are not Earth based.

All the Eternals started off as Earth based beings when the Celestials showed up on Earth, experimented with Human genetics, and ended up creating Eternals & their off-shoots, the Deviants. After that, they got divided into 4 groups as time went on. Before we discuss the 4 teams, you have to keep 4 names in mind – Kornos, Uranos, Zuras & A’lars.

Okay, so after the Celestials left, the Eternals established a base on Earth by building a city called Titanos. At this time, the Eternals were led by Kronos. But his brother Uranos couldn’t stand with his leadership, hence a civil war took place within Titanos. Uranos and his followers were defeated, but they weren’t killed. So, Uranos and his followers decided to leave Earth. They left Earth to set up Colonies on the planet Uranus, and Saturn’s moon, Titan! The Titan colony couldn’t survive (not because of who you saw in Infinity War), but the colony on Uranus prevailed (There’s a chance that in Marvel comics, Uranus was actually named after Uranos, once he found the planet).

Thelius aka The Crusader became their hero, their leader after Uranos. The most prominent fact about him is that he wore cosmic devices on his wrists called Quantum Bands. These bands were later passed on to an American astronaut named Robert Grayson who led a space mission to Uranus. After him, Wendell Vaughn was given these bands and he came to be known as the big name Marvel hero, Quasar.

We don’t expect the Uranian Eternals to be given a lot of importance in the first Eternals movie. In fact, they may or may not be mentioned at all. But Quasar is a familiar cosmic hero, who could show up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. After his arrival, we’d know that Marvel might expand a bit upon the Uranian Eternals in one of the future Eternals movies or perhaps a solo Quasar project.

So, this is one cosmic wing that opens up with The Eternals. The other wing that opens up is of Titan (we’ll talk about it in a while). Years, after the Civil War of Titanos, Kronos began experimenting with cosmic energy. But due to the failure of the experiment the cosmic energy spread all across the Eternals base, and the genes of the Eternals were altered permanently. This is what led to the Eternals having their distinct set of superpowers. But in the process of it, Titanos was destroyed and Kronos was in no position to lead anymore. This is where the story of Kornos’ sons, Zuras and A’lars began. Also, there are 3 more teams of Eternals that were formed.

Angelina Jolie’s Thena Superhero Suit

First, Zuras took the leadership of Eternals. Following him, the Eternals built the city of Olympia which was located near Mount Olympus in Greece. Most of the stories regarding The Eternals are about Zuras’ team of Eternals, which came to be known as the Olympian Eternals. This team included Thena (Angelina Jolie), Sersi (Gemma Chan), Sprite (Lia McHugh), Gilgamesh (Don Lee), Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), and Makkari (Lauren Ridloff).

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But everyone didn’t follow Zuras’ leadership on Earth. There’s a second Earth-based faction of Eternals who followed Virako. They built a city called Polaria in Siberia. So, they came to be known as the Polar Eternals. Virako is the father of Ikaris (Richard Madden). Along with Ikaris, Ajak (Salma Hayek) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) are also a part of the Polar Eternals. There is a chance that the MCU may not divide the Earth-based Eternals into two factions. The Olympian Eternals and the Polar Eternals will possibly be one single team so that things don’t get very complicated.

How Eternals Introduce Thanos’ Father A'lars

Anyway, now comes the next wing of the cosmos. Zuras’ brother A’lars also wanted to be the leader of Eternals. So, he decided to part ways and led a refuge to Saturn’s moon, Titan. As mentioned above, the colony that the followers of Uranos tried to establish on Titan didn’t prevail. So, A’lars re-established a colony, which came to be known as the colony of Titan Eternals. Here A’lars married Sui-San, and raised two children – Thanos & Starfox.

Infinity War has proven that the second attempt of setting up the Eternals colony also failed as Titan went short on resources. But yes, before Titan became a barren wasteland, the Titan Eternals lived on the planet (Saturn’s moon) for centuries. This is the second cosmic wing that will be opened up by Eternals. We reckon that the fight between Zuras and A’lars might be highlighted in the upcoming Eternals movie. This way, even though the main story of Eternals will take place on Earth, people will still get to see a connection of Eternals with Thanos and Titan.

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Since Thanos is a character that everyone knows, Marvel might want to establish a link between Earth’s Eternals & him. This way, people might be able to connect with these C-List heroes of Marvel comics in a better way. And in the future Eternals movies, Thanos’ brother Starfox could come into play. Through him, we might get to see flashbacks of a young Thanos, and a bit more of the Titan Eternals. Since he is sort of a wanderer in the comics, this story element is what the MCU might use to explain how Starfox didn’t die with his planet.

The Eternals might be able to make a few other faint cosmic connections which could be through the Deviants. Not only do the Deviants exist on Earth, but the Skrulls are also Deviants. Before or after Earth, the Celestials went on a planet and experimented with its population. Ultimately, the result of those experiments were the Skrulls, who killed the population of that planet, and took it for themselves. Another planet where the Celestials created Deviants was Lyonesse.

All these aforementioned events might be tweaked in the MCU. But clearly, The Eternals could lead us to a very cosmic future by leading us to different characters who will be linked to several other planets. And, we should also expect the cosmic ends of The Eternals to connect with films like Thor: Love and Thunder, Captain Marvel 2 & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because Marvel likes to keeps things well connected in the MCU. The Eternals will soon turn into a very important franchise. So, it’d be better if you carry a bit of knowledge about them.

The Eternals arrives on February 12, 2021.

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