Thor 4 Theory Suggests That Jane Foster’s Thor Will Be From Loki’s New Timeline

Jane Foster’s Thor From Loki’s New Timeline:

Thor: Love and Thunder is certainly the most exciting film of MCU Phase 4. Taika Waititi recently revealed that it will be a movie filled with romance and thunder. But even though he has completed the script, we’re still more than 1.5 years away from the film. A lot can change at this time. That’s where fan theories come into play. With the changing story of Thor 4, until it gets shot, fans believe that their various theories could actually come true.

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There’s a lot that we don’t know about this film. We need to figure out as to how exactly will Jane become Thor. We don’t know how exactly will Mjolnir be brought back. And we’re not sure if Loki will make a jump from his series into Thor 4 as well. We’ve got a new theory that answers these questions in the simplest way plausible. So, according to this Reddit theory, Jane’s Mighty Thor will be from the timeline that Loki creates by stealing the Tesseract.

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Here’s what the theory states:

“A tale of two Janes. Well, first off, we know that Jane Foster will take over the mantle of Thor. Herein lies our theory. Jane Foster will not be the Jane from the main Avenger’s timeline but from the timeline created by Loki when he escaped in 2012 during the events of the first Avengers. In this timeline, our favorite Asgardian, Thor is dead. Jane proves herself worthy and becomes the new Thor in his absence. But why an alternate Jane from an alternate timeline? Isn’t that more complicated?  Well, I have two reasons for that. 

 1. Mjolnir was destroyed in the main timeline by Hela. In the comics it is the hammer that grants Jane the power of Thor. Of course, there are other ways of correcting this, such as re-forging the hammer, but if you have an alternate timeline you may as well use it.

 2. This would also avoid a lengthy origin story and give us an already capable Jane, who out of the gate is a seasoned warrior, who has been protecting the realms since alternate Thor’s death.  In this timeline, Mjolnir would still exist.”

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Jane Foster’s Thor From Loki’s Timeline
Jane Foster’s Thor From Loki’s Timeline

I totally agree with the two points that the Redditor states. It’d be nice to not go through an origin story for Jane becoming Thor, but just getting 2 Thors right from the beginning with a little flashback to show how it happened. In the comics, Jane picks up the hammer after Thor becomes unworthy of it. She believes that the 9 realms shouldn’t be without a Thor, so she proves worthy & takes on the mantle of Thor for the greater good. This is something that could happen in the new timeline that Loki creates.

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But as the Redditor suggests, Thor is dead in this timeline. So, Marvel will have to come up with an explanation for how the Thor from Loki’s alternate timeline died after fixing Tony’s arc reactor. Maybe & the Avengers went out in search of Loki picking up the Tesseract’s gamma signature. And maybe Loki or someone else ends up killing him. That could inspire Jane Foster to pick up the hammer and carry Thor’s mantle in this alternate timeline. And then, Loki & Jane’s Thor from this timeline could end up in the main MCU timeline somehow.

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Now, let’s discuss what might happen with Jane of the main timeline. We know that she was exposed to the Aether in Thor 2. That could have given her cancer. Endgame’s script that she died with Thanos’ snap. So maybe, she already had cancer when she ceased to exist. And even after Hulk’s snap brought her back, she didn’t have much longer to live. Hence, Jane of the main timeline died of cancer.

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In Endgame, Thor proved that he still loved Jane. And Jane who becomes Thor in Loki’s timeline was also in love with him and that’s what inspired her to pick up the hammer in the first place. So, the final part of my own theory, derived from Redditor’s theory is that when these two Thors come across each other, their lost love will reignite. And they’d team up to take on Gorr the God Butcher. What do you think about this particular theory? Tell us in the comments down below.

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