Marvel’s Most Beloved Agent is Back in Avengers: Secret Wars

This series had a short life span, but it ended up in quite a cult. Agent Carter couldn’t have been a much better series. Remember the lady love of Steve Rogers from the movie Captain America: First Avenger in 2011? Well, she made quite a bit of impression in the movie and thereafter.



It was Marvel who decided to give Agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell) a solo series. Sadly, the series did not do well with the ratings and, had to be called off after season 2. The series ended with quite a bit of fan following and few hoping for the series to return. The series was even praised by the critics.


The good news is that we would now get to see Atwell voice the role of Peggy Carter in the upcoming Disney XD animated series called Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars.

This series was originally launched under Avengers Assemble way back in 2013. Being a successor series to the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Launched in 2016’s season 3. The Avengers Assemble was then renamed to Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution.

 Marvel’s Most Beloved Agent is Back in Avengers: Secret Wars


Following this, season 4 will air under the name of Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars. With the beginning of this season, we would also get to see some additional star cast such as Antman and Black Panther. The series would revolve around time traveling, where we would see Agent Carter team up with Howard Stark, Iron Man and Captain America to defeat Kang the Conqueror.



Though we do not have a definite date as to when the series would be launched. From what we’ve heard, it could possibly be sometime during 2017. Though Antwell has stated her desire for the return of Agent Carter on many occasions, but the coming of the animated series she can just get the initial start for her role as Agent Carter (even if it’s voicing the role).


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