3 Terrible Mistakes You Didn’t Notice In Wolverine Movies

It is hard to imagine any other actor to play Wolverine after 2017’s Wolverine 3. It’s been more than a decade that Hugh Jackman has been playing one of the most iconic characters of the comic book history. And now Wolverine is Jackman’s last movie in the X-Men series. He has portrayed the character in eight films. So today we are counting down on three terrible mistakes in Wolverine movies.

1. Shape of his claws

screen-shot-1938-08-14-at-12-16-07-pmBefore Wolverine was injected with adamantium, his bone claws were as usual in the shape. But the thing that tickles out mind is that how did his claws become straight and super-edgy in shape. If we take the comic book adaptations in the discussion, his claws have varied from artist to artist, but this one is weird.

2. Wolverine’s memory


One thing that we still can’t get onboard with is the adamantium bullet. In X-Men: Origins of Wolverine, William Stryker shoots a magical adamantium bullet in his head in order to wipe his memory. Now, the thing is how the f**king bullet got through his adamantium skull and erased his memory. As shown in the comics book world, he can revive his memory from the skeleton. But it’s hard to get every detail and anything can happen in comic books.

3. His body size and stature


It’s understood that all things can’t be matched from comic book movies, but it is better to leave things as they are. One of the mistakes in the  film is the size and stature of the character. Wolverine is short in size and they are known to be small who can fight off the bears. And its looks like Jackman is too tall and too lean to portray the character. As per a rumor, Bob Hoskins was considered for the role and he was quite close to playing it.

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