WandaVision: 10 Things That Might Make MCU Weirder If They Happen

The much-awaited MCU series is finally on Disney+ and we couldn’t be more excited. “WandaVision” has definitely lived up to the weird hype it created with the trailer. It’s a combination of offbeat and comedy, set in a retro theme. If you haven’t watched the first episode yet, then don’t worry. We won’t be divulging any spoilers. However, we couldn’t resist the bizarre yet believable fan theories that have surfaced on the internet. Well, MCU has finally given us something to feed on after a year of delays due to the pandemic. So, the internet is bound to explode with MCU theories and discussions on what fans saw. Here are 10 things that might make MCU weirder if they happen.

Kathryn Hahn Trains Wanda

Fans have been dazed with Kathryn Hahn’s unknown character Agnes in WandaVision. But according to some, Agnes could stand for Agatha Harkness who had trained Wanda to become Scarlet Witch. Agatha’s school of magic is different and way more ancient than Doctor Strange’s Kamar-Taj. After all, Scarlet Witch’s famous headgear was forewarned in the trailer as Wanda’s Halloween costume.

Is It Happening In Vision’s Head?

Nobody knows what happened to Vision after the events of the Infinity War on Wakanda. Some guess that Wakandans may have tried to reactivate him and thus began a series of his imaginations. Perhaps, all that we are watching is happening in Vision’s head and not in Wanda’s. In fact, with Jarvis’ conscience in him, Vision was able to rebuild the retro sitcoms in his head. He’d surely have better knowledge about it than Wanda. Even the hazy and trippy visuals that appear out of nowhere seem to be a fragment of imagination.

WandaVision Like Groundhog Day?

Some fans argue that Wanda may be visiting different universes where Vision still exists and replacing the Wanda’s of that universe with herself. Just when things start to go wrong due to the glitch, Wanda leaves that universe and jumps into another one to relive the same day yet again.

Lead To Doctor Strange:  Multiverse of Madness

The events of “Avengers: Endgame” has finally introduced the concept of time traveling, multiverse, and realities in the MCU. Everybody knows by now that Wanda will be accompanying Doctor Strange in his next movie. There are many theories that explain how the two will unite in this adventure. As mentioned above, Wanda hopping from one universe to another would bend the rules of reality and ultimately create the “Madness of Multiverse”. She will take the responsibility for her mistakes and join the Sorcerer Supreme to control the madness.

Wanda and Vision’s Children

WandaVision things make MCU Weirder

Watching Wanda and Vision’s babies on the show has raised several speculations on Wiccan and Speed. Wanda’s imagination had given birth to twin boys, but their origins turned out to be quite disturbing. Since they didn’t a fragment of reality in them, this pair of twins held demonic powers which ended up pushing them out of existence. The twins’ souls take rebirth in different families who eventually end up joining the Avengers as Wiccan and Speed.

Vision And The Mind Stone

Mind Stone Romance Between WandaVision

Another outlandish theory that has surfaced states that Wanda may have absorbed some of the powers of Mind Stone and Vision’s conscience while destroying the Infinity Stone in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Thanos surely resurrected Vision by reversing time, but he didn’t reverse anything on Wanda.

Quicksilver’s Return

WandaVision things make MCU Weirder

There are two versions of Quicksilver that exist in Marvel movies. The one in the MCU played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson was killed in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” because the “speedster” couldn’t dodge bullets apparently. In whatever unknown way, Wanda has managed resurrected Vision. Then what is stopping her from bringing back her twin? Some fans suggest that while traveling across the multiverses, Wanda came across the X-Men version of Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters. This will allow MCU to bring the Fox characters into their universe.

Nightmare May Appear

One of the most common speculations states the series could lead us up to the next villain in “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness”. Wanda altering the reality so many times like a dream could also be linked to the inter-dimensional demon Nightmare, a common enemy of Doctor Strange. And this show may be laying grounds for what happens in the MCU movie.

Opens Gates To Demons

WandaVision things make MCU Weirder

Whether you watch/read DC or Marvel, you know better than messing up with timelines and reality. Clearly, someone in WandaVision is an amateur who is tampering with reality without realizing its consequences. Some fans believe that Wanda’s determination to bring back Vision may have forced her to open forbidden portals. And the demons who rule those worlds can now easily walk into the earth. Some of the well-known ones are Mephisto and Chthon whose apocalyptic level powers will be countered by Wanda and Doctor Strange in “Multiverse of Madness”.

Monica Rambeau May Gain Superpowers

WandaVision things make MCU Weirder

What if Wanda is creating her own reality with newfound powers just as she did in the House of M comic book issue? If that happens to be true, there is a strong possibility of Monica Rambeau finally getting her powers to join the Avengers as Spectrum or Photon or her aunt Carol – Captain Marvel.

Ultron May Be The Brains Behind WandaVision

An insane fan theory suggests that the Vision we see in the Disney+ series is actually Ultron. Everybody by now knows that he loved Wanda who ended up breaking his heart (quite literally) at the end of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Ultron had managed to survive the events in the comic books, so we have every reason to believe that it can happen in the movies as well. Perhaps, the android who has resurrected in WandaVision isn’t Vision but Ultron. Maybe he was lurking around in the background all this while.

Mutants On Board!

WandaVision things make MCU Weirder

Wanda losing control over her powers and creating her own version of reality traces back to the comic book issue of House of M. In this storyline, Wanda forcing everyone to exist in her customized reality ends up screwing the multiverse. At the end of this story, Wanda says “No more mutants!”. If MCU is borrowing this issue, after all, we could hear Wanda say “No, more mutants!” and unleashing all the X-Men.

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