5 Famous New Year Resolutions Which We Never Keep

Another year just galloped by. We are so accustomed to time and we promise so much to it. At the start of every year, we try so hard to make it the best year. Promises are generally broken. And by the end of the year our like again becomes sluggish. And then? Another year comes by and gives us the opportunity to make fake promises again.

Another year is passing by and everyone is making a mental list of what to promise themselves for this New Year to make our lives better.

Here is a list of some common New Year resolutions, which people make and then break:

Lose weight

“I will not have Chocolate ever”

“I will go to gym everyday”

“I want to have a summer body”

These are some common New Year resolution myths. But remember only the brave can make them come true! Mummy is making fully buttered aloo ka paratha accompanied by Lassi how do we ignore that? Will she not feel bad?

Punctuality and discipline

“I will get up every morning”

“I will make sleep before 10 p.m.”

Yet again, these are some common promises made every day. However, this becomes watching series until 4 a.m. and getting up at 1 p.m.


Travel the world

Work , work and work! That is all you did last year. You promised to travel but where was the money and time? Sometimes there is project completion and sometimes there is no money by the end of the month.

“I will travel even if it means quitting my job”

Well then, we start weighing the pros and cons. Hesitation starts. What will the world say? The devil wins and there goes our dream.


Will not waste time

“Will not watch endless series”

“Will not play Clash of Clans”

Ok maybe let us do one last war in Clash of Clans or let us make Game of Thrones as an exception to our series watching. Well these exceptions are helping you break your resolutions.

Save money

“Will not have dinner outside”

“Will not party”

“Will open a saving account”

Oh but its New Year. Party to banti hai na? Then it is birthdays, promotions, college gathering, Friday nights, Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Geetali Dewan

Loves marketing and finding the easy way out. Writing comes naturally to her.
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