Doctor Strange: A Mysterious Figure Spotted In The Movie

Have you seen Doctor Strange? If no, then what are you waiting for? And if yes, you need to watch it again. Why is that you ask? It’s because somebody has noticed something too trivial but is an amazing discovery. I mean, the eye for detail has to be given some credit. A mysterious person is spotted in the background in a scene from Doctor Strange amidst the artifacts in the Sanctum Santorum. Well, no. This person is not from any different dimension or reality, it actually seems to be a crew member. It’s most likely a crew member who accidentally found themselves in the shot through one of the many pieces of glass in the room which offered up fairly clear reflections.

Once again, a true Marvel fan spotted this moment and took the screenshots to Reddit. At 56 minutes and 6 seconds into Doctor Strange, you can see a person in one of the reflections on a glass panel to the right of the frame. It seems quite clear that this is a member of the film’s crew who thought they were out of the shot and, in fact, were not. It’s worth to notice that the camera pans over over the film’s crew, and needless to say that they thought they were out of the shot, but as the picture claims, they were not. It definitely looks like a crew member, given the utility belt and dark apparel, and would seemingly be a mistake that was not intended to make the cut of the film. It’s a bit hard to forget and miss, now that it has been spotted. Here, check out the photo for yourself.

We are no stranger to such mishaps. Working on a production set is not easy as you have a gazillion things to keep in mind and to take care of that is natural that elements like these may slip up and end up in the final cut as well. Like, for example, The Mandalorian. A hot topic with every new episode, The Mandalorian found themselves in the middle of the humor circle when the fans noticed a crew member’s body in a shot when the show’s main characters were raiding an Imperial base. Arguably one of the most famous mistakes, but the one that tops the list in the most famous coffee cup shot in Game of Thrones. Other examples include The Walking Dead also where the small mistakes end up making the final cut.

So, what do you think about this appearance of a crew member in Doctor Strange? Even though it’s still and can most certainly be a mannequin, the indications direct us otherwise.

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