5 Awesome Capabilities of Doctor Octopus’s Tentacles

Doctor Octopus has always been a thorn in the Spider-Man’s flesh. No matter how evil he is, but one of the cool things about his is metallic tentacles with pincers. Comprised of a chest harness which controls the four tentacles, Doctor Octopus was Dr. Otto Octavius who was contracted by the radiation when two evaporative liquids exploded caused a huge bombardment in his laboratory. The incident not only gave him powers to control his tentacles but also turned him into a freaky megalomaniac criminal. So today we bring you five cooler capabilities of his tentacles you might not know about.

 1. Telepathy

doctor octopus tentacles

Doctor Octopus can control his tentacles through his telepathic power. And no matter her is wearing or not the tentacles responds to his commands spontaneously, even from a vast distance of 900 miles. You gotta be kidding me. 

2. Tentacle’s size

Generally, the four tentacles have a maximum contraction of 6 feet and they can stretch up to 24 feet in length. Moreover, they are very spontaneous and reach any object faster than a normal human being.

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