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Geetali Dewan

Loves marketing and finding the easy way out. Writing comes naturally to her.
  • May- 2016 -
    7 May

    Person of Interest: Is the Machine back?  

    Can this show get any better, intricate or more complicated?  I think it is the best show on artificial intelligence and on the power of technology. There is a war happening and it is a war of tech gods and people are merely pawns in the chess game of Samaritan, whereas our heart is with the Machine.    Season 4…

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  • Dec- 2015 -
    31 December

    5 Famous New Year Resolutions Which We Never Keep

    Another year just galloped by. We are so accustomed to time and we promise so much to it. At the start of every year, we try so hard to make it the best year. Promises are generally broken. And by the end of the year our like again becomes sluggish. And then? Another year comes by and gives us the…

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  • 25 December

    CHRISTMAS and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    Christmas is a festival of fun and laughter. Friends and family get together exchange presents (some of us would later exchange them).  Well any day can be easily related to the popular TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and especially special occasions. If F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was still on then Christmas would be incomplete if Phoebe did not sing her ridiculously rhyming Christmas song, or…

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  • 9 December

    Tamasha – Where is the Stage?

      “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”  We are the players but who decides what role do we play? Or who decides at which stage we perform?  Mixed reviews everywhere but it was Imtiaz Ali who was the motivating factor behind this movie. This article will not give you any masala but I…

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  • Sep- 2015 -
    24 September

    18 Original Quotes by Mozzie from White Collar

    Mozzie aka The Dentist of Detroit aka Theodore “Teddy” Winters is a learned scholar. He is very close to Neal and he does not trust people in “Suits”. Throughout White Collar Mozzie shows incredible knowledge as he is very learned and has always been a book worm. He loves to con people and great at hiding his identity. He has…

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  • 16 September

    Top Ten Songs by Jonas Brothers

    Millions of teenagers were left heart broken when Jonas Brothers broke up. Although they will still remain brothers forever but it is very hard to say if they will be producing any more music together. The reason why teenagers are crazy about Jonas Brothers is that their songs speak of phases of life that ever teenager passes through. I have…

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  • 15 September

    5 Kickass Sidekicks In TV Series

    It’s lonely at the top and it would be very heart shattering to watch the heroes or leads do everything. If Oliver did not have a team how would he have someone at his back or how will he get locations of evil people who have done wrong? Every Batman needs a Robin. It doesn’t matter if Robin comes in…

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  • 10 September

    5 Reasons Why We Feel Bad for Tyrion Lannister!

    Tyrion Lannister is more eloquent than any of the other Lannisters. He lives royalty, walks with grace, talks of perspicuous truths backed with insanely logical perspectives. He doesn’t need an armor or a sword to mark his presence, his mighty words are his weapons to attack and defend. And if he picks up a real sword, Lannisters are sure to…

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  • Aug- 2015 -
    2 August

    5 Must try Herbal Tea!

    I have already written about the types of tea. Amongst those types of tea is herbal tea. Herbal tea is usually available in loosely packed form and dip form. Herbal tea usually contains traces or no caffeine. It is best suited for people who want to eliminate caffeine from their bodies or are undergoing a detoxification process. Sometimes herbs like…

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  • Jul- 2015 -
    25 July
    Newscold coffee

    A Sip of Cold Coffee

    I was trying to find some hope in life. I started reading the book ‘the Secret’. Anyone who starts the book knows that it is about positive thinking and self improvement. Well, I had no clue. I thought it is about some ancient mystery like the Da Vinci Code. I thought I would never like a book like the Secret…

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  • 14 July

    TÊTE-À-TÊTE With Five Types of Tea

    Tea is the most widely accepted filler and stress reliever. Tea is the basic drink in an evening get together or tête-à-tête. Almost every occasion has this basic drink. All offices, cafes and restaurants serve tea. It can be relished with evening snacks or breakfast. Everyone has a preferred style for drinking tea. When consumed in small amounts it can…

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  • 10 July

    The Top 4 Body Shop Products that Every Girl Must Own!

    We all love Body Shop. Its products are made up of natural ingredients, which are derived and ordered from all over the world. To own a Body Shop product is like finding goodness of all parts of the world packed in a bottle. These products are easily available at store (generally malls) or online. They cost a lot hence often…

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