5 Kickass Sidekicks In TV Series

It’s lonely at the top and it would be very heart shattering to watch the heroes or leads do everything. If Oliver did not have a team how would he have someone at his back or how will he get locations of evil people who have done wrong? Every Batman needs a Robin. It doesn’t matter if Robin comes in costume with muscles or if he is wearing glasses and is behind the high speed processors trying to track bad guys. The main character will be incomplete without his “better half” side kick or friend! As when the hero is feeling down only these sidekicks can get them back on track. The main leads get all cranky and de-motivated without them.

Here are 5 people in TV series who can kick ass!

In White Collar – Mozzie aka Theodore “Teddy” Winters aka Dentist of Detroit and many more…

Mozzie has many aliases. He is extremely loyal to Neal as a partner in crime and good both. He is very cautious and always warns Neal not to make any reckless decisions. He is tough man to be touched yet in the end he becomes friends with the FBI agent whom he stayed away from. No matter what happens he will always disguise himself and save Neal. He is an avid reader and always having quotes to explain. He is not only funny but also a weird man having classic tastes and loves wine. He is a jack of all trades and master of all too. From books to IT he knows it all. His strange contacts and network always help in getting whatever information is desirable.

In Arrow – John Diggle


From the very first day he has proved himself valuable and a good friend to Oliver.  There are many people in team arrow but choosing Diggle was important as he has been with him from the start. He has watched his back and protected Oliver countless time. He is also a good father and a husband.

[In Person of Interest – Sameen Shaw


Reese and Finch found it very hard to convince Shaw that they were on her side. She goes really fond of their dog Bear and although emotionless she melts at certain times. She goes over board to save everyone. Her qualities include shooting and killing. She is a tough and independent woman.

In Sherlock – Watson


The duo of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson has been famous and even in the series Sherlock, Watson shows his worth by actually caring about Sherlock when nobody cares for him. He looks out for Sherlock and admires him. He himself is very educated and intelligent.

It really touches your heart when he speaks to Sherlock’s grave (or fake grave) and says, “…there’s just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don’t… be… dead. Would you, just for me, just stop it? Stop this.” He refuses to believe when the world says that Sherlock is a liar.

In Da Vinci’s Demons – Zoroaster and Nico


Da Vinci has two loyal friends Zoroaster and Nico, they are at par and have different motives in Da Vinci’s life hence the comparison between the two sidekicks is very different. They both are loyal and extremely useful to Da Vinci. Zoroaster always is able to con and get whatever Da Vinci wants for his projects. Nico is often mistaken to be a timid person but he is very intelligent and brave. He learns from Da Vinci skills of mind whereas Zoroaster teaches him wrong things as well.

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