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    10 Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

    Fans have always glorified the heroes as they often hog the limelight with their heroics. But their accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without their amazing sidekicks, who basically do all the heavy lifting. Without their contribution, the heroes would have failed miserably as more often than not, the sidekicks work harder than the protagonists. #1: Hit Girl Played By: Kick-Ass…

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    Top 10 Most Heroic Movie Sidekicks of All Time

    Heroic Movie Sidekicks: Sidekicks are not just any supporting character, they are pivotal to the story and without their unwavering loyalty, the protagonists would never succeed. They are the perfect partners in crime and they always have the protagonist’s back. These characters are a lot more than sidekicks, as, without them, there wouldn’t be any fun. #10: Genie – Aladdin…

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    16 Hottest Sidekicks In The Movie And TV That Will Blow You Mind

    Sidekicks are the most important part of any hero or superhero and they together make the complete duo to end the odds. What if, these sidekicks are super hot with being extremely talented. They will be by your side and yet be super strong and super hot. Check out the list of hottest sidekicks which will blow your senses: 1.…

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  • 5 Kickass Sidekicks In TV Series

    It’s lonely at the top and it would be very heart shattering to watch the heroes or leads do everything. If Oliver did not have a team how would he have someone at his back or how will he get locations of evil people who have done wrong? Every Batman needs a Robin. It doesn’t matter if Robin comes in…

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