10 Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Fans have always glorified the heroes as they often hog the limelight with their heroics. But their accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without their amazing sidekicks, who basically do all the heavy lifting. Without their contribution, the heroes would have failed miserably as more often than not, the sidekicks work harder than the protagonists.

#1: Hit Girl

Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Played By: Kick-Ass

Movie Name: Chloe Grace Moretz

No one believed an underage sidekick to be more badass than the protagonist in Kick-Ass, but Hit Girl defied everyone. Trained by her father Big Daddy, Hit Girl is a ruthless sidekick who doesn’t flinch before eliminating evil, unlike Dave. She even trained Kick-Ass in the sequel to become a better hero.

#2: Trinity

Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Played By: Carrie-Anne Moss

Movie Name: Matrix Trilogy

Trinity is not the ‘chosen one’, everything that she has achieved, she has done so by working harder than everyone else. Trinity guided Neo every step of the way and stayed with him without any hesitation. Without Trinity, humans wouldn’t have able to defeat the robots.

#3: Lucius Fox

Played By: Morgan Freeman

Movie Name: The Dark Knight Trilogy

Lucius Fox never truly got the credit he deserves from the fans. Without him, there would be no Batman. He provided Bruce with all the tools and gadgets necessary for his survival. On top of that, he runs Wayne Enterprises in Bruce’s absence. He is also Bruce’s moral compass and an invaluable friend.

#4: Spock

Played By: Leonard Nimoy

Movie Name: Star Trek Original Series

Captain Kirk is the protagonist of Star Trek Series, but he could have never accomplished anything without the support of Spock. The Vulcan possessed superior intelligence and had super strength. He also mastered several mind techniques. The only thing that prevented him from being the protagonist himself was his bad social skills.

#5: Doc Holliday

Played By: Val Kilmer

Movie Name: Tombstone

Doc Holliday is the fastest gunslinger in this movie, even better than the protagonist Wyatt Earp. Without his support, Wyatt would have kicked the bucket against the O.K. Corral Cowboys and even Johnny. Doc Holliday risked his life for Wyatt, out of his own volition.

#6: Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding

Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Played By: Morgan Freeman

Movie Name: Shawshank Redemption

Fans always admire Andy’s perseverance but fail to forget that Red was the rock that gave Andy strength during his time in the clink. Red was one of the most influential inmates, and he used that influence to smuggle the rock hammer, that Andy used for his escape.

#7: Sloth

Played By: John Matuszak

Movie Name: The Goonies

Sloth suffered a lot by the hands of his family, and despite that he never let it affect his caring personality. The Goonies would have perished without Sloth’s superhuman strength. He was even willing to sacrifice his life to save everyone on multiple occasions.

#8: Zeus Carver

Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Played By: Samuel L. Jackson

Movie Name: Die Hard With A Vengeance

Zeus is not a highly skilled combatant like John McClane, he is a random locksmith who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was Zeus who solved most of Simon’s puzzles and his intelligence kept McClane alive, which ultimately led to Simon’s defeat.

#9: The Wasp

Played By: Evangeline Lilly

Movie Name: Ant-Man and The Wasp

Hope is far more qualified than Scott to handle Hank’s technology, as she is a martial arts master, and she has been using Hank’s technology from the very beginning. She was held back by her father as he did not want her in harm’s way. We saw her talent in the Ant-Man sequel that proves that she is not to be messed with.

#10: Samwise Gamgee

Movie Sidekicks That Do More Work Than The Protagonists

Played By: Sean Astin

Movie Name: The Lord of Rings Trilogy

Samwise practically did all the heavy-lifting, and some people rate him even above the protagonist, Frodo. Without his unwavering support, Frodo would have failed the mission. Even though he couldn’t carry the ring, he carried Frodo, which was equally important.

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