Top 10 Most Heroic Movie Sidekicks of All Time

Heroic Movie Sidekicks:

Sidekicks are not just any supporting character, they are pivotal to the story and without their unwavering loyalty, the protagonists would never succeed. They are the perfect partners in crime and they always have the protagonist’s back. These characters are a lot more than sidekicks, as, without them, there wouldn’t be any fun.

#10: Genie – Aladdin

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

Genie is the perfect magical friend we all wish we had. He is full of positive energy and excitement, but above all, he is the best and most loyal friend of Aladdin. He completely owns it whenever he’s on-screen and often overshadows everyone. Robin Williams’ legendary portrayal made this character iconic and it was a big reason behind Aladdin’s success.

#9: Doctor Watson – Sherlock Holmes

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

Only Doctor Watson has the patience and intelligence to handle the likes of the magnanimous Sherlock Holmes. The former army surgeon is a loyal and devoted companion of the detective. Sherlock Holmes may be a genius, but even he wouldn’t have been able to solve crimes without the impeccable support of Doctor Watson.

#8: Timon and Pumbaa – Lion King

Lion King 2019

There would be no Lion King without Timon and Pumbaa. Disney has given us a lot of awesome characters, but this duo is something very special and close to our hearts. They helped Simba when he nothing to look up to and guided him. We love them for their outlook towards life and they gave us the philosophy of Hakuna Matata.

#7: Donkey – Shrek

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

Donkey is the lovable and funny sidekick of Shrek, and he can talk till your ears fall off. On the surface, Donkey might seem very annoying, but he is a true friend with a heart of gold. The Shrek series is a classic and a lot of credit for that goes to this awesome character. He is easily the funniest character in this franchise and his loyalty knows no bounds.

#6: Robin – Batman

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

Any list about sidekicks would be incomplete without Robin. He is the greatest superhero sidekick of all time and his eager personality perfectly gels with the Batman. He is a worthy heir to carry the legacy of Batman, but he has a lot to learn. Robin is perfectly capable of handling himself against supervillains and his talent even surpasses that of Batman.

#5: Spock – Star Trek

Captain Kirk’s exploits would be incomplete and meaningless without the loyal Spock’s contribution. The emotionless Vulcan may seem distant at first glance but he has risked his life countless times to help the crew without any hesitation. His deductive prowess and intelligence make him crucial but it is his never-ending loyalty towards Captain Kirk that makes him irreplaceable.

#4: R2D2 and C3PO – Star Wars

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

The Dynamic Duo of R2D2 and C3PO are not human but they show more emotions than any other Star Wars character. They never ask for anything in return of their friendship and what they lack in strength they make up for it in heart and loyalty. They have helped our heroes several times and without them, the Dark side would have won easily.

#3: Hermione and Ron – Harry Potter

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Hermione and Ron are a lot more than just mere sidekicks, they are as influential and popular as the protagonist Harry Potter. These two characters are the backbone of this entire saga and they complete Harry Potter. Without their constant and relentless support, Harry would have failed to defeat the Dark lord.

#2: Chewbacca – Star Wars

The Wookie Warrior is widely known for his bravery, strength, and loyalty towards the dashing Han Solo. He and Solo are both bound to each other and cannot strive without each other. Under his tough exterior, Chewie has a warm heart and he is not just another side character. He can match Solo’s awesomeness without fail and that is what makes him so lovable.

#1: Samwise Gamgee – The Lord of the Rings

Heroic Movie Sidekicks

Frodo was tasked to carry the ring, and Sam was tasked to carry Frodo. Sam is not a fighter, wizard or a magician but he is a hero in every given sense as he did not give up on his friend even in the darkest of times. Sam and Frodo are the perfect team as they both needed each other to save the entire world.

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