Here’s Why Captain Marvel Is The New Captain America In Phase 4

Captain Marvel is set to be an important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only will Carol Danvers be the first female superhero to headline a movie, she will play a pivotal role in Phase 3 final movie Avengers: Infinity War. Since Infinity war is going to be released before Captain Marvel’s own solo release, I beg the question of what exactly her role will be in Infinity War.

captain marvel

Marvel has set it Cinematic Universe to range from the earthbound to the space bound. Since Thanos has exposed himself more on the space side of MCU, the latest Avengers will be the first that the superteam will face the Titan king. And Captain Marvel will be the key to the two worlds.

Brie Larson stated in her interview with Yahoo! Movies that Captain Marvel’s role in MCU would be the connecting factor that has yet to seen in. Larson said:

“Well, quite simply, she’s kind of like the bridge between these two worlds. She’s the bridge between what’s happening up in space and what’s happening down on Earth.”

As Infinity War will feature various superhero characters that have yet to interact with each other in the past two Phases, Captain Marvel as Larson says could be the character to bind them together. The Guardians Of The Galaxy and everyone on Earth could finally meet due to the Captain. The comics showed her connection to The avengers, even being a member at one point or another.


Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful superheroes that Marvel has ever offered. She is also a character who has seen many changes through the years, taking on many superhero changes which have only proved the continued popularity of the hero in the comics.

Apart from having super strength flight, near invulnerability, and the ability to shoot blasts from her hands. She has often been called Marvel’s version of Superman.

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