A Sip of Cold Coffee

I was trying to find some hope in life. I started reading the book ‘the Secret’. Anyone who starts the book knows that it is about positive thinking and self improvement. Well, I had no clue. I thought it is about some ancient mystery like the Da Vinci Code. I thought I would never like a book like the Secret but I actually did.

The Secret says that if you believe in what you want and you have faith that it will come to you automatically. You just have to stay positive and believe. When anyone visits their website they see a lot of inspiring writings or stories. It is marvelous to see how life changing the law of attraction, which is mentioned in the Secret, can be. Unlike these experiences my experience will be insignificant but it has inspired me a lot and never left my memory.

I actually started believing the book. I started recalling the incidences that have happened to me, when a tiny voice in me said that it will work out and it did. The very next day I tried to implement it, I thought of what I want and tried really hard. No matter what I did I couldn’t think of what I want and had really confusing thoughts. I felt deceive and disheartened but I did not want to give up.

I tried to be happy, as changing your emotions is a very important step in getting what you desire. I tried to calm myself. Then I started reading the book from where I had left it. There was a line by Bob Doyle that meant that for some people it is easier to start with easy and small thing like a cup of coffee. He ends it by saying “Make it your intention to attract a cup of coffee today”.

A cup of coffee? I thought for a second that it was impossible to procure a cup of coffee. I started having thoughts like it was 2 a.m. and the coffee machine in my hostel was not working, the hostel was locked, may be some if someone has some coffee packets and a secret electric kettle (since we were not allowed to keep it) someone might get me a cup of coffee for me.

Suddenly my thought process was broken by roommate who went outside to fill water. I assumed since she was holding her water bottle. Then I thought what am I doing? Just for a coffee I am being so negative. I chided myself and decided I will ask something which is not possible at all (that time I didn’t think that it is impossible). I asked for a sip of cold coffee. I believed I will get it in two minutes.

Now let me tell you there was neither a refrigerator in my hostel nor any mixer or any place to keep cold milk.

I was again interrupted by roommate who was shaking her water bottle. I thought it was some of her medicine or glucose which she mixes in water and has.

I kept my positivity, had no doubts and exactly within those two long minutes my roommate turned to me, offered me her water bottle and said, “I have bought this instant cold coffee mix. You just have to add water and shake and you get frothy cold coffee. Would like to have a sip?”

Geetali Dewan

Loves marketing and finding the easy way out. Writing comes naturally to her.
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