5 Superheroes Whose Parents’ Death Transformed Them Into Something Else

Though there are a lot of Superheroes who lost their parents, there are some who are distinct because of the way they handled their deaths and the impact it had on the heroes.


Superheroes Whose Parents’ Death Transformed Them

After being blinded by the toxic material while trying to save an old man, Matt Murdock loses his sight. His only support at the time is his father, who too is soon killed by the mob as he says No to lose a fight in order to show his son how winning is done. This leaves an impact on the young boy to lead him on the righteous path of being a hero.


Dick Grayson’s parents died in front of him making him apt for being Bruce Wayne’s ward. His parents are killed, as the circus isn’t willing to pay the mob. Wayne, at that time, is in the audience and sees it all. He takes Dick under his wing as he reminded him of himself in his younger days and so that he could channelize the kid’s anger.


Superheroes Whose Parents’ Death Transformed Them

Spider-Man is more than just an orphan. Of course, his parents died, and had acted as double agents in order to take down the Red Skull, but were then called traitors because of their mission unknown to the world. But that’s not all, his famous Uncle Ben died too, who was his father figure after his real dad died. If that’s not sad enough, his girlfriend dies too.


Billy was a straight up homeless kid, who lived at the subway station and sold newspapers for a living. His nemesis gets to be the one who killed his parents, Balck Adam, what’s even sadder is that it was also the ghost of his father.


Superheroes Whose Parents’ Death Transformed Them

Obviously, he had to make it to the number 1 spot. As it was he, who became the trendsetter for the whole orphan turns into a superhero story. Not that this story needs to be told, but still… After his parents are killed in an alley by a gunman, Bruce gets completely into the whole ‘why do criminals exist’ ‘what is their driving force’ thing and soon takes on the mantle of Batman.

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