The Top 4 Body Shop Products that Every Girl Must Own!

We all love Body Shop. Its products are made up of natural ingredients, which are derived and ordered from all over the world. To own a Body Shop product is like finding goodness of all parts of the world packed in a bottle.

These products are easily available at store (generally malls) or online. They cost a lot hence often people want to know what products are actually worth buying. So I have tried to narrow the list to the must – have products, which was very difficult as there is a thin line between their products.

Body Shop must have product number #1: STRAWBERRY BODY POLISH

Top 4 Body Shop Products
Top 4 Body Shop Products

Having a sensitive skin, I can understand that scrubbing can leave your skin dry and flaky. Over moisturizing can leave your skin extremely oily, which becomes a burden especially in summers. Body shop’s strawberry body polish makes your skin feel alive and does not harm it in any way. You can get the benefits of both scrub and soap with this product. It helps in removing tan and dead skin. It leaves a faint mesmerizing fruity – strawberry smell behind which is just perfect!

If you do not like strawberry body polish’s smell, it can easily be substituted by similar Body shop polish having a different fragrance. Just frizzle some drops on a loofah and enjoy a luxurious bath.

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