Luke Cage Episode Titles Have Been Revealed And They Will Surprise You

Luke Cage, the new series from Marvel and Netflix has already differentiated itself from its other Marvel counterparts- Jessica Jones and Daredevil. For one, Cage who is played by Mike Colter is the first black superhero to have his own standalone series. Luke Cage will also explore a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that no other superhero has relations with (on film yet anyway) and set itself apart with its unique tone -The series will delve into racism and other testy topics that other superheros do not really deal with.


As it was earlier reported, the series will be set in Harlem, a neighborhood mostly associated with the African American community. Harlem was also historically one of the birth places for the Jazz movement so music has always been a part of the place. Series showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, has focused on capturing the feel of Harlem, even giving all the episodes song titles to embody the influences of the episodes.

Coker posted all the episode titles on his Twitter account simultaneously and finally ended it this past Friday with the 13th episode title. For each title, Coker decided to use titles of real songs, all of which are from the same artist, legendary hip-hop duo Gang Starr .Song Tiltles include-

“One: “Moment of Truth.”-Two: “Code of The Streets”- Three: “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?- Four: “Step In The Arena.” -FIVE: Just To Get A Rep -SIX: Suckas Need Bodyguards- SEVEN: Manifest -NINE: DWYCK- TEN: Take it Personal- ELEVEN: Now You’re Mine -Twelve: ‘Soliloquy of Chaos -Thirteen:You Know My Steez’.”

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Netflix also recently released a special video showing the process of developing the sound, which shows Coker bringing other rappers and musicians into the fold to help create the best sound possible. In the video, Coker is joined by his music supervisors Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad to talk about how they chose the music that would be featured so heavily in the series. Musical guests such as Method Man, A$ap Ferg, and others were on hand to consult on the sound of the show and give it the urban feel the were aiming for.

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