The First Trailer For The Incredibles 2 Is Out

The Incredibles is one of the best rated Animated & Superhero movies of all time. The movie ended setting up a sequel that never came all this time, but now we are lucky as the sequel is not only coming out this year, we finally have a full trailer for the movie after the two teasers we have got till now. Here’s the breakdown of the first trailer of the Incredibles 2 that came out exclusively with the Olympics.

The trailer begins right after the first movie left off. We get a look at the Underminer and the Incredibles family takes him on in order to save their city from the threat brought upon by this villain. Mr. Incredible goes on to fight the Underminer with Elastic Girl and the kids, Dash and Violet are left behind to take care of Jack Jack.

The next scene opens up with the family sitting on their dinner table and they talk about the fact that Superheroes are illegal, probably because they take the law into their own hands and cause a lot of destruction in order to save people (Civil War). Then we see Frozone talk to Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl as he tells them about a big business tycoon that approached him for bringing Superheroes back into the business.

This Tycoon then brings back Elastic Girl and by the looks of it, Mr. Incredible has to stay home and take care of the kids. Elastic Girl gets a cool new motorcycle to travel places and Mr. Incredible is stuck at home filling in the shoes of Elastic Girl, taking care of the children. We see him struggle becoming a mother to the kids as he helps Dash in homework, which he’s very angry at because Math is sort of different than the way he knows it. He tells Jack Jack bed time stories and starts to doze off himself which is pretty funny.

He does all this so that Elastic Girl does not have to worry about the scenario at home and can freely succeed in the missions she is appointed to. He seems to be losing his nerves as he calls in his friend to help him out taking care of the babies. He also goes to the Edna who tells him that the work he is doing for his wife is pretty heroic and he should be happy with it.

Throughout his struggles, we get to see how cute the new Super of the family is and how insanely powerful he is since we got a tease of that towards the end of the previous movie when Syndrome apprehended the little infant. This was teased in the previous teaser trailers as well as Jack Jack has got the powers of a pyro as he can throw flame blasts, he can shoot lazers out of his eyes, he can throw thunder bolts as well as he possesses electric powers too, he can phase through objects, turn himself into a literal Kid of Steel, and most importantly, when made angry, he turns into a little devil baby that could kick anyone’s candy ass!

The Incredibles 2 is going to be Diney’s big animated blockbuster this year considering how long people have demanded for a sequel to the first movie. Here’s the official Synopsis for the movie:

“In ‘Incredibles 2,’ Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dash (voice of Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack — whose superpowers are about to be discovered.

Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) by their side. That’s what makes this family so Incredible.

Written and directed by Brad Bird (‘Iron Giant,’ ‘The Incredibles,’ ‘Ratatouille’) and produced by John Walker (‘The Incredibles,’ ‘Tomorrowland’) and Nicole Grindle (‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ short, ‘Toy Story 3’ associate producer).”

Incredibles 2

After waiting for 14 whole years, The Incredibles 2 will hit the theatres on June 15, 2018.

Here’s the first trailer of the movie, have a look:

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