10 Times When Thanos, The Mad Titan Was Mercilessly Destroyed!!!

Thanos wears his gem incrusted Infinity Gauntlet, he will rule all over creation. As a God, his will is going to be absolute once he comes into possession of all six of the Infinity Stones. The Infinity Gauntlet saga established Thanos as one of Marvel’s greatest threats to Earth and beyond. But to think he is unbeatable and invincible would be extremely wrong. Presenting 10 times when Thanos, The Mad Titan was mercilessly destroyed…..

10. Doom rips out his spine

In Marvel’s Secret Wars storyline, the Ultimates Universe collided with the 616 universes, resulting in the Battle world, a patched up version of both realities. Doctor Doom was the one who orchestrated it. Dom had already wielded the Power Cosmic and found it beneath him. God Emperor Doom then found Thanos trying to usurp his throne and instantly ripped his spine out of his body in one swift move.

9. Undead Hulk crushes his head

In Marvel Zombies, a deadly virus has zombie-fied the entire universe. The Hulk, Thanos and the rest of the Avengers have banded together for their collective need for flesh. In one scene, Thanos complains that Hulk is having more share than the rest and the Hulk kills him in retaliation, telling the others he will now have Thanos’ share as well.

8. Wolverine slashes his arm off

In a certain alternate reality, the Fantastic Four are dead and Spiderman, the Hulk, Iron Man and Wolverine have taken their place as the all new Fantastic Four. Their universe also faces the Infinity Gauntlet saga. But it ends rather quickly for Thanos. Turns out, if you have Wolverine in your team, he will just be the best there is at what he does (even if what he does isn’t nice).

7. Black Bolt screamed him into oblivion

When you are about to fight the King of the Inhumans, super gluing ear plugs into your head makes all the more sense. Black Bolt’s screams are so powerful that it can rip the very fabric of space and time. Even a mere whisper is enough to level mountains. So when Thanos thinks he has bested Black Bolt, the latter screams so loud that Thanos is instantly disintegrated and the entire Inhuman city of Attilan is destroyed as collateral damage.

6. Thor’s Godlike Uppercut

Thor is indeed one of Marvel’s strongest warriors and one of the Avengers’ mightiest superheroes. But against Thanos, even the Odinson looks weak. So Odin decided to level the playing field by giving Thor an enchanted armor, gauntlet, and shield along with some of old-school Asgardian Magic. When Thor finally strikes Thanos with that devastating uppercut with Mjolnir, it is a sight for sore eyes.

5. Thane traps him in Amber for all eternity

The Infinity Event saw Thanos going on a rampage throughout the Earth in search of his Inhuman son, Thane. Thane, unbeknownst to everyone, was leaving on Earth in seclusion. No hero could stand against Thanos during Infinity until Thane came into the picture. Using his powers, he singlehandedly entrapped Thanos in amber – a state of ‘Living Death’.

4. Trapped in the God Quarry

With an unknown yet powerful disease killing him and his own Inhuman son using the Phoenix Force to quicken the process, Thanos found himself at the very end of the rope. So he decided to go to the God Quarry – a place ruled by Three Cosmic Witches where Gods go to die. Submitting to the Quarry willingly means the candidate will have to face trials. If he succeeds, he lives. If he fails, the Quarry will turn him into stone. Thanos survives the God Quarry but it almost kills him while doing so.

3. Trapped forever in the Cancerverse

Cancerverse is the universe where Death has lost all meaning. There is life, but no death. So, one will hopelessly live forever, unable to die. Thanos, Star-Lord, and Nova try to close a space-time rip that opens up the Cancerverse to the Marvel mainstream universe. Thanos tries to betray the team but the heroes manage to close the rip before he can get out.

2. Squirrel Girl makes him bite the dust

There’s a reason Doreen Green is called the ‘Unbeatable’ Squirrel Girl. Armed with Squirrel like anatomy and an army of squirrels that she can telepathically control at will, Squirrel Girl has defeated some of the Avengers’ greatest foes like Galactus, Ultron, and even Thanos. He was once humiliatingly defeated by Squirrel Girl by nothing but a few hundred squirrels. They are Squirrels of Mass Destruction!!!!

 1. Drax punches a hole in his chest


In the comic books, Drax was originally a human being whose family got killed when Thanos landed on Earth. To stop his wayward son from causing further mischief, Mentor resurrects Drax and turns him into a killing machine with only one goal – Kill Thanos. Given Thanos’ vast array of abilities, it would be foolish to think that Drax could do it. But in 2006’s Annihilation storyline, Drax manages to get close enough to Thanos to drive his fist right through the Mad Titan’s chest, holding his still eating heart as Mad Titan breathes his last, a truly gruesome event.

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