Arrow Season 4: Death of an Iconic DC Character

 The latest episode was a mixed bag, it was a big thumbs up for Felicity fans who were eager to see her alive and kicking and a big thumbs down to Amanda Waller fans. It was particularly striking to note that there wasn’t a single scene of Damien Darhk or H.I.V.E in the entire episode.

Maybe it’s the recess time given by Darhk to Oliver before he again comes back in action. The flashback scenes focused on the complicated relationship shared by Diggle brothers when they were deployed in Afghanistan as part of US Army combat operations.

The top 3 WTF scenes from an episode titled A.W.O.L:

Amanda Waller is dead:

The head of A.R.G.U.S (a US government agency) Amanda Waller is shot dead at a point blank range by a sinister organization called Shadowspire, when she didn’t give away Rubicon codes to them. There is a SUICIDE SQUAD movie coming up, which is going to be released in August 2016, has Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller.


Felicity is hallucinating and talking to herself:

Felicity realized that the damage to her spinal cord is permanent and she would never be able to walk again. She is struggling to come to terms with her new reality and starts hallucinating and talking to her old self (a rebellious brunette young hacker) and is full of doubt. But, she managed to overcome her condition and help Team Arrow to save Laila from an evil organization called Shadowspire.

John Diggle extends an Olive branch to his brother Andy:

When Shadowspire was holding hostages at A.R.G.U.S secret location, Andy and John worked together and hatched a scheme to save Laila.


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